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What happened to our fav. Sachin's form?

Are these just classics now ?

Indian fans (including me) was so disappointed the way Sachin gave his wicket during Sri Lanka match.I wanted him to retire from ODI.
What was the reasons of his bad form could be? i wish it is temporary …
-Is that rest of teams got used to the style of Master Blaster and Is his batting so predictable that any bowler can take his wicket ?
-Is Sachin not playing his natural cricket ?
-Is not sending sachin as an opener in WC ODI costed us?
-Is his brand endorsements coming on to his way making him available less on practise nets?
-Is 17 years of playing cricket with injuries and surgeries fatigued his natural cricket?
-Is Sachin playing too many matches in Indian pitches making him fail on international pitches?
-Is it worth making Sachin captain and give him team India leadership for the last time?
-As claimed by Chappell , Is he one of them who was mentally effected because of feuds between senior and young players in the team ?

What ever the reasons are ..I want him to come back as our old sachin and make Team India champions again.


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Posted By: Kalyan | Date: April 14, 2007 | Categories: Cricket

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