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Virginia tech- Cell phone video taken during incident – RUMORS are that the killer may be Asian – What a tragedy day

Condolences to the families.
Here is cell phone video taken by the user at the Virginia tech campus during the incident time:

This was the deadliest peacetime shooting massacre in U.S. history that we’ve just seen. At the moment, 32 people are reported dead as a result of the incident. The above video was taken by Jamal Albarghouti with his cell phone and posted to CNN i-Report.

Thanks for the post. Prayers go out to the surviving student body, families, faculty, and staff.

Rumors are that the killer was a 6-foot tall male Asian – East Asian – student between 20 and 25 years.Again those are rumours and police have not yet revealed the shooter identity.

As per CNN – VA. Governor declares state of emergency after shootings.


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