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Why India cannot make it to super eights ?

Sachin-Chappell faisco made Sachin come out open and talk to media which resulted in notices from BCCI.
In a rare public outburst,

Tendulkar, expressed his anguish, saying ”Paani sar se ooncha ho gaya hai (Things have gone a bit too far to keep quiet). I’ve given my heart and my soul for 17 years. No coach had mentioned even in passing that my attitude was not correct.” The news spread like wild fire and did not too long to reach the shores of the Caribbean.

Tendulkar’s reasons

  • Tendulkar took head bath (Paani sar se ooncha ho gaya hai ) on match days with Bangladesh and Srilanka.Short Tendlya drowned himself in water with head bath which made him bloat and with puffed stomach he cannot be at crease for longer time on two crucial games.17 years and this is first time it happened to him.Sorry blaster not every one knows the reasons as you often don’t speak to media.

Sidhu’s reasons-

  • Tendulkar should have taken this (Chappel’s) in dressing room.Oh Sidhu Tendlya was in a hurry and was not able to wash his head and cure the bloat as Sehwag, Uthappa had similar diarrhea problems that made them run back to pavillion in Bangla match.

Jadeja’s reasons-

  • There has never been a doubt on his integrity, his credibility. He never gets into trouble with head bath or diarrhea.There won’t be a single day when Sachin Tendulkar’s hair has changed.
  • I am actually happy to see Tendulkar come out with that head bath and speak as well.

Kumble took the same road but different in that he went with mild attacks against Chappell.Kumble says Chappel style created insecurity among the players.Cahppel is saying players are Mafia and Kumble says players are insecured.Oh..This is the root cause of India’s early exit from world cup.Damn, one billion people finding reasons of India failure will now know the reason.Mafia did not get proper supari.

“He said there has been a lot of speculation and the focus on the Indian cricket team per se has increased now with more television channels than two years ago when John Wright was the coach.”

One more reason too many television channels.BAN CHANNELS BCCI.

To sum up – Kumble says India lost out from world cup because –

  1. Chappel style created insecurity among the players
  2. Focus on the Indian cricket team per se has increased now with more television channels than two years ago
  3. Ian Chappell knows nothing about Indian cricket
  4. We tend to give too much importance to players from outside. Like when we say that we don’t have a (Shane) Warne, (Muttiah) Muralitharan or (Wasim) Akram in the team, we forget that these guys are not the ones who will win us matches. We need to support our players for that.We do not have world class players.
  5. Rubbished suggestions that Tendulkar’s age had made him more of a liability for the team in term of fitness.SO Tendulkar’s age is the reason.

Thanks Kumble Zeeeeeee for a wide that opened my eyes , Now I can sleep with peace of mind knowing the Kumble,Tendulkar,Sidhu,Jadeja reasons of why India cannot make it to super eights.


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