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Electronics Review : 6-channel Surround Headphones

For movie watcher and a family persons with kids a full 5.1-channel speaker system is too much of a disturbance and a easy fight starter with the other half in the house, but traditional stereo just isn’t enough for me. So the search landed me the need for headphones with these requirements on which to enjoy movies without causing disturbance to others.Also not everyone will have space, the budget for those high end Bose systems, or even the basic technical know-how to wire five speakers and a subwoofer.

In the past the biggest disadvantage of using headphone was its lack of 5.1 surround sound but technology catched up so fast and those days are over.Most of these head phones are priced under 50$ now a days. But the biggest question is whether they are worth the money/usage compared to regular 5.1 surround sound systems.

Here is the description of unit that I bought it a while ago.

Cyberhome CH-SRD 600R 6-channel Surround Headphones with Game Decoder
Cyberhome 6-channel Surround Headphones
Technical Details

* Six separate internal speakers for surround sound on the go
* Coaxial and optical digital inputs
* Foam-filled leather earpads
* Frequency response: 20-20,000 Hz

From the Manufacturer
The Cyberhome CH-SRD 600R headphones feature six separate internal speakers for surround sound on the go. With coaxial and optical digital inputs, you can connect them to a range of portable, home theater and gaming devices for immersive sound. Volume, standby and input select controls give you precise control over your listening experience. A rechargeable lithium ion battery powers the headphones, or you can attach them to AC power. Foam-filled leather earpads make them comfortable to wear.

If you are a game maniac these headphones are becoming a crucial must have headphones.Serious gamers use them with voice communication software when competing in gaming leagues with these headphones.

Very easy to set up, this unit takes both optical & coaxial inputs from your DVD player.Volume control is available on the unit.I’m not a big earphone user and to admit that it bothers me too much of something in ear so I’m not a fan of big music players.But this headset completely covers ears and is convenient to use for longer time durations.

I don’t say the sound quality is as good as regular 5.1 surround systems but are comparable and do server their purpose. As with technology advancement I believe one day both headphones and regular 5.1 systems be equal in user’s sound quality experience.

If you do use surround headphones please drop a comment on what brand and how well it is working out for you.


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Posted By: Kalyan | Date: May 27, 2007 | Categories: Tips

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