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Is presidential candidate – Barack Obama desis favorite?

Senator Barack Obama is from a cold windy place Chicago but has a warm heart.

Here is an incident that happened to my friend who got help from Obama at the right time. Also this incident reminds us for immigration if you have an emergency situation dont hesitate to contact your local senator for help.

My friend sent his and family’s application for advance parole. Advance Parole (also, AP) – a travel document authorizing one, in certain situations, to return to the U.S. from a trip abroad – most commonly, when one has an AOS application pending for Green Card. BCIS office is still processing his advance parole and his father-in-law expired during this time in India.

It is a shock to my friend and his wife of whatever the circumstances. He started exploring of any emergency route of getting the AP expedited. He contacted Indian Embassy at Chicago and spent numerous hours requesting them if they can help him out of this situation by talking to Texas service center which processes all this AP applications. Nothing worked out for him. He lost three working days making rounds to Chicago Indian embassy.

The only option he had is to go to India without AP because of emergency circumstances like this. Once out of US it is well known that how difficult to get these documents from an immigration agency.

He kept contacting the Customer Service line. They are supposed to be able to contact the concerned service center and find out the status of the AP case. As written in many immigration forums that if there is a bona fide emergency which can be documented, contacting the AILA Liaison or one’s Senator’s office may help in obtaining the AP faster in some cases.

Friend got Obama’s office numbers in Chicago and found that “Senator was too busy with his campaigns for a week time and not giving any appointments” was told by his secretary. As a last try this friend some how got Obama’s personal phone numbers from his Desi contacts and explained the situation of his emergency circumstances to Obama. Senator immediately responded in his quest to seek out the little guys who need handholding in the big, bureaucracy ridden world of immigration boundaries.

Obama’s secratary arranged a meeting with the Texas service center. “He’s promised to set this right,” says my friend. Same day appointment was given and he told secretary to make calls and finish this case by evening of that day. By evening with all faxes of required copies my friend finally got his AP from Texas service center. Friend left to India the next day and was able to attend his father-in-law’s funeral.

Obama not yet be able to rattle off the whole Desi population vote bank but I believe his small helps for the needy have earned him good PR, but can he be called the “aam Desi aadmi ka Senator” (the common man’s Senator)?

Hold on take a look at this article about – Are Democrats India friends?

The rising star of the Democrats, Senator Obama, has lent his name to an amendment that prevents India from storing fuel for its imported reactors,” pointed out M. J. Akbar, editor-in-chief of The Asian Age. And The Hindustan Times described it as “a clear indicator that doing business with a Democrat-dominated Congress will not be easy.”

Besides this Obama has tough competition from Hillary Clinton.

Hillary’s supporters don’t think Obama will get far with Indian-Americans because as Joseph Crowley, Democratic Congressman explains, “She has a demonstrated commitment not only to Indo-Americans but to the relationship between the United States and India. Se has a record as a Senator and as a First Lady that I don’t think Senator Obama can even come close to comparing with.”

The race between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama is already shaping up to be a fierce contest across America, and could split the Indian-American community as well. So. will it be Hillary’s experience or Obama’s energy? Well, this might be a tough call to make because Indian-Americans seem to find qualities to support in the major candidates, on either side of the Democratic divide.

Whatever the case In sum, My friend tells this story to every one he knows and probably this is like silently campaigning for him to win his presidential elections.

Good luck Obama!


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