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Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament – Review

Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament is a chain of dinner theaters which stage tournaments in the style of the Middle Ages.

As we ran out of places to go , We went to this place for my birthday.I had my doubts of this place as this place is for kids or adults?But I was totally wrong and we became kids again cheering for our knight for their victory.The tickets are a bit expensive for dinner and the show (but we got few dollars off coupons).

Dinner is special and of Medieval times that they serve you your food and you don’t get any utensils because supposedly they weren’t invented yet so you got to eat with your hands.The food was really good i don’t think that i will ever forget this.The tournament is okay with men dressed up and riding on horses, battling each other, all while you’re eating dinner and getting messy.

The event people keeps you involved by providing colored crowns and flags to match the Knight in your section. Then encouraging the crowd to cheer for their Knight and boo for the other Knights. Before and after the show you can check out the beautiful horses up close in their stalls.A small museum, a bar, and a gift shop is available. You can meet the Knights after the tournament.It may be a one time affair or probably second time only to show it to my kid that will be at least five years from now.

Website : Medievaltimes
Locations: locations in US


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Posted By: Kalyan | Date: May 6, 2007 | Categories: OtherNews

4 Responses to Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament – Review

  1. Aspi says:

    I always hear that the food sucks. So if you liked it I am now encouraged to go there. How expensive was it?

  2. Kalyan says:

    They give you Soup, roasted chicken and potato.For vegetarians they give salad instead of chicken.I like roasted chicken it is well done.The tickets are expensive If I remember correctly it is around 50$ per person with $5 or $10 off coupons that we used.As I wrote in the post it is one time thing … I’ll take my daughter when she is bit older to understand these set up of fights not for food in particular.Basically we are paying all that money for fights and a okay meal.

  3. Anonymous says:

    this place sucks don’t waste your money. the whole time they try selling you other crap like the 50 pictures they take of you and then say ‘oh if you want it its 20 bucks, I hate this place and will never go back EVER what a waste of freaking money.

  4. Kalyan says:

    Isn’t the case with all the attractions w.r.t photos and these days every one has one compact digital cameras which will save those expensive photos at some of these attractions.Chicago lake shore architectural tours they take your photos and way way expensive probably same as tickets cost 🙂

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