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Movie Review : The Breed (☼☼)

Movie Name : The Breed
My Rating : ☼☼
Genre: Horror
Director: Nicholas Mastrandea
Film Cast: Michelle Rodriguez , Oliver Hudson , Taryn Manning, Eric Lively ,Hill Harper
Story : Five college kids goes to party at a deserted island where dogs protect the territory and how humans outsmart them is central theme of this story.
Likes : Only one or two notable horror scenes in basement of the lonely house of the island.Michelle looked terrifically pretty especially with her few stunts to outsmart dogs.
Dislikes : On a Friday night the single DVD left on a Blockbuster shelf attracted me to take this movie home. Initially I thought I’ll give up movie after few minutes based on horror intensity as I watched this movie late night with thunderstorms and alone in the home with 5.1 stereo headphones but none of them were fear-inspiring scenes. After few minutes into the movie I thought the movie would be something like ‘Evil Dead’ with similar set up of five people in a secluded house. It is not at all close.I felt movie should have been filmed better if they made canines look more ferocious and emphasis on their training skills in a much more effective way. The canine chasing humans shots are not at all gripping. Overall movie was a disppointment.

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Posted By: Kalyan | Date: May 26, 2007 | Categories: Uncategorized

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