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Movie Review : Hyderabad Nawab (☼☼)

Movie Name : Hyderabad Nawab
My Rating : ☼☼
Genre: Comedy
Director: Lakshmikanth Chenna
Film Cast: Pappu (Aziz Nasar),Munna (Masti Ali),Nazma (Stuti Mishra), Reshma (Vandana). Haneef Bhai (Ismail) Arif (Raghu) and Anwar (Basha),Mama (Raju Shrivastav), Ajju Tejab (Hari)
Story : Pappu and Munna loves the daughters of Ismail (butcher) and seek the help of goon (Mama) to get married. Mainly spoof on hyderabadi culture is central theme of the story.Kind of Angrez sequel.
Likes : As Angrez this movie has some notable/or want to remember or use hyderabadi slang dialogues.I like specially the one at Mama’s birthday party of the guy who introduces himself for a long time in hyderabad peku style. Some of Pappu’s college girls teasing dialogues are good specially with his expressions.This actor Aziz Nasar has a great acting career for him with this movie and his past performances in Angrez. I also liked Ismail as murgi chor and with his flawless dialogues and pakka hyderabadi looks makes the movie some what interesting whenever he is on the screen.
Dislikes : I felt movie suffered from disappointing sequel’s just not as good as Angrez. Some new characters are introduced. A much-needed female persona in the form of Nazma and Reshma should have given some more hyderbadi performances from gender perspective.Director didn’t explore of using these two characters to spoof the Hyderabadi culture.

This is one sequel you will be glad to go straight to video/dvd viewing.Angrez movie was just fun, the second is just as induced fun with out of situation dialogues, but somehow I felt the whole effect did not glue in as Anrez movie. It suffers from sequel syndrome: the need to make what is basically a remix of the first movie, while also providing more. Hyderabad Nawab certainly provides more — more inter ganged wars, more of fake NRI guys, and more item songs.

Mostly it just seems ridiculous, and not as funny the scene where they used that item girl for Ajju Tejab.Do they need this girl in fights at the end?

Lakshmikanth Chenna’s : Hyderabad Nawab is light-hearted holiday fun, I suppose, and should not be asked to bear the weight of too much thought. In fact, I find myself unable to think about it any longer. Let’s just say that it’s the sequel to the movie of the TV series.

The same crew is coming up with “Hungama in Dubai”. Lets see if the next venture clicks

Hungama in Dubai – Two con men mystify the Nawab with their famous verbal tricks and persuade the Nawab in making a film. They know the Nawab’s inner desire of becoming a film makers. Nawab falls in their trap. The three proceed to Dubai to start their new film venture. Masood Ali is making this film as a hilarious one which will provide nonstop comedy to the audience.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hyderabad movies is really very nice and specially the director Lakshmikanth Chenna's movies….

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