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As Life Goes Digital

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TOP 10 in all topics of are HD-DVD key

See this top 10 topics of Digg today:

Today Digg got clobbered with too many diggs for this HD-DVD key that was circulating in the web.As far as I know this is a very first unseen big crisis sitiation for such a popular site.Power of digitization and Digg has to take the brunt of this anger.

HD-DVD key fiasco is an example of 21st century digital revolt:

It’s the most circulated number of the week. Sixteen hexadecimal digits that unlock the wonder of most currently released HD-DVD titles from the surly clutches of the AACS revenue content protection system. Sixteen digits that have been posted in so many places — and in many cases, removed only to be reposted — that they’re hard to avoid.

What is digg going to do now ?
-Shut down its website for maintainance
-Contract Google search programmers to effectively filter all HD-DVD posts from its front page
-Consult Microsoft to host temporarily which Microsoft servers will anyway take care of auto website shutdown because of load issues.
-Digg ganging up with Apple to garner moral support.If I remember correctly Steve Jobs was not in favor of all these DRM stuff.
-Is it possible ANYWAY to change that 16 hex digits to make it invalid.The invalid key message stop these numerous posts.
-Digg just apologise to users and get back to business.
-Digg getting rid of all users who posted and digged for that HD-DVD key.No more users for digg.

All of them are related to that HD-DVD key …..Did we get to see this in digg..WOW..

List of some of the sites that keep posting this HD-DVD key fiasco.







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Posted By: Kalyan | Date: May 2, 2007 | Categories: OtherNews

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