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Exams – The life-long villains

“Why Study For Exams…. Are they not about what you know, not about how much you can cram into your head the night before?” – quote

Exams are life long villains (Pic to left – courtesy [jointtortfeasors]). When I took my bachelors finals I thought that was end to my academic exams but knowledge upgrade to new degrees and proving that knowledge in exams are lifelong never ending tasks.

The final exam day is usually a “happy experience”…at least until the grades are posted.

As common as it is tried diligently to make prof. give us open book or take home for accounting course and of course he did not buy our selling and the reasoning is quite interesting.Prof says” You are in a executive numbers meeting and your executive VP asks you to calculate some cost with some efficiency.Do you tell your VP you will get the book or open Google to search for the answer?”

Probably he is true , reality check – Are really open book/take home exams improve grade any better than traditional exams? Many myths that Open Book exams are a breeze that we don’t have to study.Just copy straight from the book and the more materials the better the exam will go.The bottom line is we don’t study if its a open book.

As the date for finals approached, One can easily see that stress levels are higher than usual.Some times positive, helping to stay motivated and focused. However, too much stress can be unhelpful, the side effects of feeling tired,broken sleep,overwhelmed and confused.And with recent other avagations like blogging, social networking sites there is a now a reason not to study and hang on those sticky sites further making oneself vulnerable to low grades.This is all self injected pain.

Do we know where we stand in exam ? most cases…public exams might be a bit different but for academic exams like MBA courses it is very well known where you stand and what grade you can get in finals.
Most part of academic exams is you study the line of thinking of prof and you know what you can expect in the test.Barring extremities they ask what they teach unless you get an outlier prof.This psychology reading should put you somewhere in B grade range.Basically we are training our self to the exam system to get grades of course with the course knowledge.It goes without saying if one puts decent extra effort one is in A-class pool.

Adding to these grade techniques are superfluous exam sentiments.

Exam sentiments ? Are there any ? I guess plenty..highly customized..totally differentiated unique in nature from one test taker to the other and got to appreciate that creative weird reasoning that we come up with sentiments to mask some of those grade pressures.

Common one is dress sentiment wearing the same dress (some people avoid black or red dress) for all exams.Probably this one starts when someone wore a dress that gave a good grade.Other Exam sentiments are a plenty, many being common to all like using ‘lucky’ pens, cap (wearing torn unwashed probably as Sa Re Ga Ma Pa fame Himesh Reshammiya does with his cap..As he says the cap has been lucky for him. All his success he owed to his torned cap, Reports says a blessing bestowed upon his by a deity which has promised him success as long as he wears it.) etc. etc. but this one made me laugh out.This friend he would not take ‘good luck’ exam wishes from his one close dear friend as he believes the last time around when checking in to the exam room this friend guy wished and hence he reasons his exam was ruined. As this blog says on ‘Prayer Before An Exam’ about an prayer card at university that has as a prayer on one side, and there’s a number two pencil taped to the back. Ad that reads

“Father, as I enter to take this exam, I ask You to help me. Grant me wisdom and show me how to take the test, so that I gain the most points and make the best grade I can make…”

Well .. If you have finished your exams..eNjoy and If you haven’t good luck for your done it before and you will do fine this time.


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Posted By: Kalyan | Date: June 8, 2007 | Categories: MBA

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