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Green Card : priority dates , visa numbers , EAD for all categories current

Update: Click me for Green Card Drama: Visa numbers are unavailable again

WOW still can’t believe they have become current …indeed a real good day for immigrants who are in Green Card process retrogression.

This news is significant and all those who are effected with retrogression should start rejoicing as the wait is over for all applicants who are waiting to file I485 for EAD.

Please check July Visa Bulletin.

All our H1-B and travel hassels will end once we get EAD.My guess is we get probably EAD fast but GC might take a bit longer who cares …

Get your documents ready do it as soon as possible before things change guess as monthly bulletins we have one month time to do apply.Come August who knows what the bulletin looks like.

Here is the immihelp documents link for I485/EAD/AOS

I’ll post all the updates here ..check back soon


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Posted By: Kalyan | Date: June 13, 2007 | Categories: GreenCard, Immigration, VisaBulletin

0 Responses to Green Card : priority dates , visa numbers , EAD for all categories current

  1. nriadvisor says:

    Lets talk about real issues now.
    People stuck with Atlanta PERM process might know the pain about the long delays there. Lets talk about it and try and do something about it.

  2. Sridhar says:

    This is no longer valid. The DOS has now taken back.

  3. Target Tree says:

    It is really important to know what your options are when you deal with U.S. permanent residency. Hope the rules and regulations will be lighter in the days to come. Thanks for the post. Very detailed report.

    To see more common sense advice on faster permanent residency process, check:

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