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MovieReview:Nishabd (☼☼☼)

Movie Name : Nishabd
My Rating : ☼☼☼
Genre: Drama
Director: Ram Gopal Varma
Film Cast: Vijay (Amitabh Bachhan),Jia (Jiah Khan),Amrutha (Revathi), Sridhar (Nasser), Ritu (Shradha Arya) and Rishi (Aaftab Shivdasani)
Story : Vijay (age – 60) falls in love with his daughter’s friend Jia (age – 18).The movie revolves around how social norms when broken creates complex family situations with wife , daughter and his friend.
Picture to left (courtesy Wiki).
Likes : The movie locations (reported in IMDB as Munnar,Kerla) are very good and camera man’s picturisation showed the eye of photographer justifying the role of Amitabh in the movie as the fashion photographer.I like the way Ritu (Amitabh’s daughter) clarifies Jia (Ritu’s friend), the common misconception that photographers in India are seen as wedding or events photographers – projecting his dad as pro photographer does for fashion and hobby.The screenplay is good where the movie is built on how Vijay falls for his photography subject(Jia) when Jia wets herself with water.Young at heart but aging character instincts was nicely acted by Amitabh specially the one laughing scene at dining when Jia tickles him and grieving scene when news was revealed to the family.Jia’s role as careless free going teenager whose troubled past made her looks rightly suited for the role.Isn’t she looks like Manisha Koyirala in some angles ? I felt so at many instances probably my 1942-a love story, Manisha photo print in my brain.
Dislikes : It is not Ramu’s type of movie.All his previous action/drama hit subject movies worked with mere words and more expressions.I felt the message of Jia’s infatuation and Amitabh’s love was not conveyed properly or not directed as effectively and these stories are against to social norms and difficult to absorb.More dialogues with minimal expressions might have given some relief.Revathi’s role is minimized and should have given some weight at least some feelings of her role as Vijay’s wife.
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Posted By: Kalyan | Date: June 16, 2007 | Categories: Movies

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