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The Proteans win first ODI

Does team India honing their batting skills from Ravi Shastri (Shastri took 67 balls for his 25 in match against AUS which we lost because of his slow batting times) and Chandu Borde (Who played and knows classic cricket that was played before 1970) ? After a paltry score from Gambhir and Ganguly, Dravid and Tendulkar duo competed with each other for ‘ who plays slowest ?’ contest. Dravid picked up the strike rate in the later part of the game by which already damage has been done to India’s run rate. Tendulkar on other end played as slowly as possible irking the viewers and making every one wish Dravid gets the strike. We have lived with critics who aim their shots on everything that Tendulkar does these days, If he gives up wicket early..a big problem..sack him from the team…if he reaches 90..we say he slows down to get his 100.Today’s match is a witness of this repetition.Sad that Tendulkar missed his ton by missing his second run to complete his hundred.
With 8 wickets in hand even a way side tea shop guy will tell you that this is not a great batting by the Indians in the slog overs. Slog overs require running between wickets and for that at least Dravid/Tendulkar should have thrown their wicket to get Yuvaraj to bat.Knowing that any one of SA players – AB, Kallis, Gibbs can handle this score single handedly, Dravid’s team is able to put just 240 plus runs on score board.

Adding to the India troubles are the virus affected bowlers, Agarkar and Sreesanth who missed the game today. Both of them could have been very handy in these seaming conditions.Only hope was how much turn and bit Piyush and Powar gets from this wicket.AB de Villiers has done well to put pressure on Ganguly who was not a full time bowler as Ganguly have to bowl quite a few overs today.In middle overs India bowling did tightened its grip and gave hopes of close match.Kalli’s with his average strike rate of 90+ (1 century and 7 fifties in 17 games this year) destroyed India’s hopes. Chawla did a marvelous job, What a way to start the international career ? Three ODIs so far and three wickets in each of them.
Who is to be blamed for this loss ? Rahul Dravid for not changing the bowlers at right time. Though he brought back Zaheer at a strange time and the move paid off straightaway,he gave the ball to young Sharma neglecting Sachin Tendulkar and Sharma bowled a pretty good over as well.


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Posted By: Kalyan | Date: June 26, 2007 | Categories: Cricket

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