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Talk of Chicago: 2007 A. R. Rahman concert photos and videos

If you have your links to concert let me know via comments – I’ll post them all in here.That way who ever sees this post can also stop at your links.

Concert : A.R.Rahman in Chicago

The “Asian Mozart” as promised hit the stage with big bang on June 9 at Chicago Sears Center Arena to screams from a crowd of 9,000 plus fans with his A-list singers. The A-list singers Sukhwinder Singh, Hariharan, Blaze, Naresh Iyer (Rang De Basanti fame) Chitra, Madhushree, Sadhana Sargam entertained the crowd with the music bonanza mix of Rahman’s new works from more recent films such as “Sivaji,” “Guru” and “Rang de Basanti” as well as his older, now
“classic” works from “Roja,” , “Taal”, “Bombay” “Dil Se.” and some from his private albums.

Dislikes : Sound modulation in the arena seems to be offbeat some times and highly noticeable when Rahman was singing. Stage felt too small for that number of musicians , dancers and singers.Concert spectacle as hyped to include a laser and 3-D light show I felt did not live to its advertised expectation.

Besides these some minor things overall I felt and immersed in electrocuting experience for three hour Saturday night at A.R.Rahman concert.

How was your experience (If you have seen this concert) ? Do let me know via comments …









Select the concert clip tab: Videos

Click play (>) button from the below video.


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0 Responses to Talk of Chicago: 2007 A. R. Rahman concert photos and videos

  1. c'est la vie says:

    It was a one time unforgettable experience, we had the second floor rear end ( to the right of stage) corner seats. It could have been a closer view, but I cant complain, Chicago crowd was amazing. I was so excited to hear all Sivaji and rest of the Tamil songs. This is the best performance I have ever seen.
    Good job with the videos and photos. Hope you enjoyed too. I wonder how Shivaji movie crowd is going to be, will find out this week end at the theaters.

  2. nehlove says:

    This was definitely a once in a life time opportunity.. The concert was truly amazing. A.R.Rehman is by far the GOD of Music. I am not South Indian so I really did not understand much of the South Indian songs but most of them also have a hindi version and they interchanged between the two. The crowd was going crazy and there was a lot of dancing happening during “Chaiyya Chaiyya”

  3. Anonymous says:

    That was a great show by rahman and his crew. Crowd was terrific. Does anyone know the name of the young singer who danced for mayya mayya.

  4. Kalyan says:

    Looks like it is Neethi for that Guru Number ‘Mayya Mayya’.
    Here is some info I was able to pull from this one hearty Rahman fan.
    Rahman Chicago 2007 concert update

    This Rahman’s fan pictures with the troupe – Siraj’s pics with the troupe

  5. Anonymous says:

    Dear Kalyan

    Its great to know your experience and when appreciating you for sharing your posts through write-ups, images & videos, we were disappointed to see your logo big in that small poor quality videos. Fans who got better videos even, have not tagged their names for viewing pleasure. It is your blog and so videos by you is as well known. Then we feel it is not fair to tag your name as is hiding part of that average quality video and you better understand as is not earning you better image and what to say my friends are commenting as you are doing fuss and appear silly when we come out of your blog. As rahman fan and like rahman be generous and kind enough to allow others to enjoy your video without any irritations. Even when original video makers are coming forward to share their videos neatly without any such tags, (e.g. youtube, google), We suggest you this, to earn good appreciation instead of criticises from others point of view, what we experienced today in a browsing cafe when other commented & teased your videos with your name tag. Regards Kalavathy Sundar

  6. Kalyan says:

    Hi Kalavathy Sundar, Thanks for bringing that to my attention. No I was not trying to put that watermark on these videos as I was testing with my ads for photos and some how I got this put on videos..I removed it and it should be fine.

    Bear with me guys I’m learning website development and not professional web developer like many.If you don’t like something post the comment I’ll do the needful.

    Thanks again Sundar.
    eNjoy Sivaji movie this weekend.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Dear Kalyan

    Wow ! i did not expect this much jet reply when switching btween windows. Glad to know you are in learning process. Anyway hope you do not mistake my positive suggestion. And i forgot to mention the videos are repeated in other titles too. I am not able to recap instantly but check in for yourself for all videos and also title it with correct names like for Roobaroo song from Rang De Basanti you quoted Bombay and for Athiradee song (sivaji) your quotes as Vaaji. So kindly check all your videos again & title it with exact song names instead of crowd etc. would be much apprecaited… in order to help:) Chaiya Chaiya/Saregamay/Telugu version of Ulundhu(Mudhalvan)/Roja/Sivaji/Humma1/Roobaru/Dilse/Humma2?/Humma3?/Rahman-Blaaze Intro Speech/Humma4?/Athiradee/Vandemataram… this must be the order of your videos. And kindly do remove any of these 4 Hummas are same to other. Finally suggest let give an option to pop-up to see original size (big images) when clicked this limited size images in your blog. Kalavathy Sundar

  8. Kalyan says:

    You rock Sundar! I take comments as constructive feedback.I’ll make changes in the evening thanks for correcting me on titles.Check out A.R.Rahman fan’s yahoo group for latest Toronto concert.

  9. Shashi says:

    Thanks for the Videos.

    We will see this live this coming weekend. Are camcoders allowed to take inside so that I can videograph and share some more videos with all.

    – Shashi

  10. Kalyan says:

    In Chicago they allowed cameras.
    Even I was not prepared as you can see the quality of videos..I took this from my Cannon s50 digital ‘camera’ which has MPEG recording capability.What ever camera you take as it was varying light conditions it will be difficult to capture quality videos.I’ll wait for that A.R.Rahman concert DVD.. they usually release concert DVDs in few days after the concert.

    Until then I just wanted to preserve these video memories of concert and I uploaded to my blog.

    Shashi enjoy the concert!

  11. Claude Fernandes says:

    If you are an AR Rahman fan then dont forget to read this..

    A R Rahman Concert – A Magnificent Musical Show at the Sharjah Cricket Stadium


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