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Telugu movies in Chicago at Desplaines theaters this week

There are two theaters in Chicago, IL that screens Telugu movies over the weekend.

Theaters Addresses

Desplaines Theaters
Address: 1476 Miner St,Desplaines ,IL-60016 8477598025

Comment : Arrive early to get best viewing seats as this theater had the 70 mm screen at an angle with most of the seats being spoiled. I personally wouldn’t go to this theater unless the Telugu movie is a big hit or the movies is of a top star cast. Be sure to call in advance to book the tickets.

Bloomingdale – Court Theater
Address: 324 W Army Trail Bloomingdale, IL 60108

Comment : A nice theaters relative to Desplains.

Current Telugu Movies showed at these theaters

Idlebrain and are the two sites that update these listings regularly.

> Click me for Idlebrian’s movie schedule at Chicago

> Click me for Chicago Cinema’s movie schedule at Chicago


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Posted By: Kalyan | Date: June 13, 2007 | Categories: Movies

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