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Is SunRocket VOIP company out of business ?

Rumors started in online forums/discussions on July 17’2007 that SunRocket, a VOIP company which is famous for its inexpensive yearly calling rates may be shutting down its doors very early.

The signs of business closure –
1) Try calling their contact Member Services by phone, 1-800-786-0132. You will hear automated recording – “SunRocket, the no gotcha phone Company. We are no longer taking sales calls or customer service. Good bye”.
2) Rumors that SunRocket was not paying its affiliates for either web referrals or direct advertising of SunRocket services for website publishers.
3) Rumors that SunRocket fired/laid off some big higher ups/executives and employees.
4) SunRocket registrations servers (when you disconnect and connect the gizmo) are off.

One online post claims –

1. SunRocket is indeed closing their doors.
2. Where is Lisa Hook, rumor has it that Captain Hook resigned last friday…. (Funny about that, I thought the captain stays with the ship.)
3. You need to start porting over your number ASAP. Stop questioning it and do it.
4. The call center ran by Bell Industries, has sent everyone home. So long farewell. SR just laid off 300+ employees in Springfield. (Does it give you the warm and fuzzies)
5. The “noodler” is probably gone also. Look for him to peak on in the next couple of days.
6. There are 3 people left, basically there to hold out until all of the legal issues have been rectified.
7. No one is coming to buy the Sub base (as of yet)
8. EX-SR employees feel shafted thanks to the workings of Captain Hook and all of her AOL washouts.

That’s all I got. I am an ex-SR employee. Nobody is going to come on here and tell you exactly who they are, so stop asking for “proof”.. Call the 800 number if you want proof. Better yet unplug your gizmo at midnight tonight, let me know if it comes back up.

SunRocket IS OVER. Couldn’t have happened to a better CEO.

My condolences to the people who did the work at SR for there hard work and effort has gone to the toilet because of one Captain Lisa Hook and her horde of AOL washouts.

If all this is true – what as SUN ROCKET customer I’ll do –

1) Log onto your sunrocket account and take screen shot of account type – at least minimum of this information

Account Number: ——-
Household Number: ————–
Service Address: ———————-
Current Plan: SunRocket $199 Annual Edition (Classic) w/ 2nd Year Free Convert

2) Set your Forward numbers to your cell phone or work numbers in case the number becomes unavailable for callers.
3) Explore other VOIP options like Vonage or some other service.
4) If you are sure that SunRocket is out of business dispute the credit card transaction – very little chance but may get some relief.
4) If you are loosing money actively participate in class action lawsuits against this company to get your money back.


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Posted By: Kalyan | Date: July 19, 2007 | Categories: Deals

0 Responses to Is SunRocket VOIP company out of business ?

  1. Anonymous says:

    Yes, SunRocket has gone out of business. I am ex-SunRocket customer, signed up to Lingo recently under their Talk 365 plan. I hope everything goes fine.

  2. Tisha says:

    As the matter of my business, I switched to Lingo when I heard about the SunRocket bad situation. Unlike SunRocket, it works really well. For my $49.95 Home Office 2000 Plan, I get more service than what I expect.

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