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July Visa Bulletin current until August 17 ?

I’ll post all updates as they are available — reports :

Immigration Voice Announcements

UPDATE AT 3:15 PM EST TUESDAY: The latest update we received is the announcement to be made soon will be as follows:
DHS will be rescinding its July 2 update and the initial July Visa Bulletin will take effect for 31 days – i.e., all employment-based green card categories (except for the “Other Workers” category) will be “current” and CIS will accept applications through August 17.

DHS will issue a press release to this effect later today.

Hope this is true and USCIS revert their decision to accept applications BUT where are visa numbers for all these applicants ? This is really a messy situation that we have to wait and see how this will be corrected.

U.S. to Reverse
Some Denials
Of Work Visas

Looking to resolve a messy immigration tangle, the U.S. government is close to announcing that it will accept at least some applications for work-based green cards that were filed by thousands of skilled workers in early July at the government’s invitation and then abruptly rejected.


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