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Talk without sharing your real phone number use ''

Instead of writing a big essay post , I’ll do this post differently as soon as I discovered this ‘virtual phone number services’ , few questions came to my mind and this is what ‘Numbr’ , a virtual phone number service is offering –

How is this anonymity possible ?
Numbr is an auto-expiring, FREE anonymous phone number that forwards incoming call to
your home or mobile phone. Callers do not see your home or mobile numbers.

Why do I need this ?

1) Very useful if you want privacy of phone number like sometimes I never like giving my number to strangers.
2) If you live in different cities through out the year, and one may always run into problems of not having a local phone number. Numbr may be of good use here.

How can I trust this site – Numbr ?
Think this way we are not giving them any personal information, except your phone number, I feel that way we are relatively safe.Also craigsnumber is renamed to numbr.Their FAQ – Q: What prompted changing your company name to numbr?
A: Our initial name reflected helping online sellers. With the explosive growth of our social netoworking user base, numbr appeals to a broader user base.

Do we have any alternatives of these kinds of anonymity phone numbers (or lets call them virtual phone number services) ?
Yes, Life is full of choices and here are few of alternatives to Numbr.



As reviews suggest “” is the best.More over Google’s recent purchase with insane amounts of money gives ‘Grand Central’ required reputation. The only problem is that for now ‘Grand Central’ is by invites only.If I have some I’ll pots in this blog.

How do we know which service (GrandCentral or Numbr) is better ?
Except for the fact that both are virtual phone number services all other things differentiates them like how good each company in doing call screening or telemarketing filters.If you had invite I feel you are better off using Grandcentral otherwise I feel no harm trying this free service from ‘Numbr’


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  1. Jerry Ong says:

    nice post 🙂 how you get ads on the youtube video on the bottom of this page?

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