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Buying Toys for the Baby

Initially the mistake we made in choosing the toys for our baby is to go all by our self (myself and the wife) to buy toys that we like.We ended up most of the times in choosing the wrong toys. Believe me we thought it is as simple as to go buy toys and we learnt it hard way that we are not helping ourself and our baby in choosing the right playable toys.Call this as our inexperience with toys and all that first baby learning mistakes.

Now What we usually do is take our child to a toy store for her to play with a toy before buying it, Most of the times (70%) this works.This provides a good opportunity to observe your child playing with different toys.See what interests your baby. Watch to see whether he/she has an inkling about how to use the toy. If he/she does, go ahead and buy it.

Also when you visit your friends who has babies of same age as your child , this socializing is good opportunity to see what friends toys your baby likes.

Basing on all these now it is time for you to call the shots on what to buy for your baby.

There are thousands of toys and toys stores to choose, and that’s just in the newborn and infant section. one cannot buy all the toy store and more over it is unnecessary to create too much junk in the house, over time build some criteria to narrow it to your child needs.This is a bumpy road and will take some time but every one kind of gets a feel of what baby likes and dislikes. Just not limit your baby to only one set of toys make her toys diversified that eventually helps her/him grow.

Here’s what we specially look for age, safety, stimulation, variety and simplicity :

Age-wise toys

->V Tech – 3-in-1 Smart Wheels

Product Features

* Tummy time mode features a busy box with light-up letters, steering wheel, and horn
* Rocker mode allows baby to rock while learning shapes, numbers, colors and letters just turn the steering wheel
* Ride-on mode gives toddlers a fun, learning ride by teaching words and fun role-play while developing gross motor skills
* 6 months +

->Bobble & Giggle Pals

Product Features

* Enhances fine motor skills & eye-hand coordination as baby slides, pulls, toggles & turns buttons to see the characters pop up
* Listening to fun tunes & animal sound effects stimulates baby’s auditory sense
* Figuring out how to make the characters pop up helps baby understand that sounds are associated with animals
* Pals pop up and bobble as fun music and sounds play
* 9 Months +


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