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Free VOIP with Gizmo Project ,Grand Central and Gizmo (Sun Rocket) on 2WIRE DSL internet connection

VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) in more lay man terms is a phone service over the Internet.
If you have high speed Internet connection you can get phone service delivered through your Internet connection instead of from your local phone company.

I’m one of the abandoned SunRocket VOIP Subscriber who got switched to traditional phone service AT&T for local calls and DSL for internet connection.
The promise of lower DSL prices has convinced me to switch to DSL from Comcast.I had been a Comcast broadband subscriber for over three years. I realized I was was paying over $100 per month for high-speed Internet access and TV service, With Sunrocket going out of business I decided to abandon Comcast for Dish Networks satellite TV and AT&T’s DSL service.Now I pay about $75 per month for TV and Internet access, and the savings roughly $50 per month over what I was paying for the Comcast service.

I’m glad Sunrocket closed its shop and in search of cheapest long distance phone a number of bloggers and forums started sharing how to use unlocked Sunrocket gizmo to recieve free incoming and free/cheap outbound calls.

Get up to 1,500 minutes of Free calls!

The problem I noticed with all the posts is that information of the whole set up is in bits and pieces from different web sources.Here is my step by step guide of how I managed to get FREE voip.

1) Grand Central – Getting an invite for Grand Central and setting up Grand Central account

GrandCentral is a brilliant new web app that lets you consolidate all of your phone numbers into one number, meaning someone can call you on your GrandCentral phone number and all of your phones (cell phone, work phone, home phone) will ring. And then it gets interesting. – source [Lifehacker]

Basically the Grandcentral number forwards your call to GizmoProject and then to Gizmo and finally to a phone connected to gizmo.

Grand Central has one of the settings as Gizmo which makes easy this call forwarding.

Grancentral is by invite only and this is site I used – . Once you regsiter and request for invite,It should be on your way in less than 2 or 3 hours.
Once you get invite, setting up account at Grand Central hardly takes any time.

2) Install GizmoProject – download GizmoProject

Collect SIP number by clicking ** (* twice) in dial pad and note down the SIP number 1747 XXXXXXXXXXX.
This number is required once Gizmo is unlocked.

3) Unlock Sunrocket Gizmo and change settings

Follow all instructions carefully as given in the site :

Download GETIF from

1 – After you start the tool enter the IP address of you device in Host Name field [enter –]
2 – Change the Read community to private (default is public)
3 – Click on start
4 – click on MBrowser tab
5 – St the bottom of the window you will see 3 fields that you can enter values in. The first field is the OID enter .
The second field is the type. Change it to string
the 3rd field is the value. Enter any value you want (That’s the new password).
6 – Click on the set button

Make sure:
1. Firewall is NOT blocking port 161. Be sure to enable that port.
2. Be sure WAN is connected to internet connection, LAN directly to the machine you are trying to SNMP from.
3. Browse to
and use admin and the password you just set!

Changing Gizmo settings

I have used this site : Click me for Gizmo settings

Disable Provisioning. Go to IP Network-> Provisioning Setting. Uncheck the Enable Provisioning box.
Setup your SIP Proxy. Go to VOIP->SIP Proxy. Use these settings:

Change your User Account. Go to VOIP->User Account. Your user ID is your Gizmo Project SIP number with the one before it. Your password is your gizmo project password.

Test Setup Setup your gizmo so that it is directly connected to the internet. The order should be modem – gizmo – router.

Reboot gizmo – Unplug the power on your gizmo and plug it back in. When the gizmo is ready, click on Information – Register Status & Critical Messages. Line one should have a green box that says Registered below it. You should be setup to make calls!

4) Change Gizmo settings using Telnet (to avoid press 1, 2 , 3 and 4 instructions on phone)

Telnet into your Gizmo – Go to Command Prompt and type Telnet.
At Telnet prompt – type ‘open″
This will prompt you for username and password – give ‘admin’ for user name and passowrd that you set in step 3.
1) Press C2 and make sure RFC2833 (SDP and 2833 packets) is ALWAYS OFF
2) Press Cs
3) Look for Use SIP INFO for DTMF = Yes
4) If it says no, then press c to change settings.

4.1) Look for 18. SIP INFO for DTMF
4.2) Press 18 to set it to yes
4.3) Press y at the following prompt Use SIP INFO for transmitting DTMF digits?[y/n]
4.4) Press w to write setting to Flash

You should be now accepting inbound calls without needing to press 1, 2 and 3.

5)Port forwarding using 2 WIRE [This step is for those who have DSL with 2WIRE router – similarly for cable modems or routers you need to log onto your router setting and do port forwarding]
->type in the internet explorer.
->Follow port forwarding steps as described below. Click me for port forwarding.


All incoming calls are free (Grand Central beta gives incoming for free for now) and for outgoing long distance calls buy credit from Gizmo Project which is 1.9 cents/minute.

Worldwide calls as low as 2 cents a minute


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39 Responses to Free VOIP with Gizmo Project ,Grand Central and Gizmo (Sun Rocket) on 2WIRE DSL internet connection

  1. Ajay says:

    Thank you for the post. Using this information I was able to configure my Sunrocket Gizmo AC-211N-SR to the point where I can call into my Grandcentral number and it rings the phone connected to the adapter. However, i am not able to get past the GrandCentral initial menu (1 to accept, 2 …, 3.. 4 …). Even though I press 1 on the phone, it does not seem to eb recognized, and finally end up in the GrandCentral voicemail box. I did see the section that talks about telnet’ing into the Gizmo adapter to make some settings, but I do see such options upon telnet’ing into my adapter. I would greatly appreciate your help in figuring this out.

  2. Kalyan says:

    @Ajay – I was in that boat because of wrong DTMF settings in the adapter.

    Did you follow #4 religiously i.e. using your admin account follow all steps and try to set them up as described.Don’t forget to write your settings into flash with the last step.

    Actually this #4 – telnet into adapter did not work for me the first time and I had to reset power couple of times on adapter to pick up the settings.

    Also how do you have your set up ? I had my computer -> Sun Rocket Gizmo -> DSL router order.

    Lets see if these steps work for you. If not I’ll post some more links (I used that I referred when setting it up.


  3. pmask says:

    Kalyan, thank you for your response. Actually it was much simpler than that. I had the Gizmo Project running on my PC and it was intercepting the call, and hence the keypress on the phone was not being recognized. Once I shutdown the GizmoProject, it worked like a charm.
    Thanks again. This post was really helpful.

  4. Kalyan says:

    @pmask — Good it works for you.. oops that is basic one even I missed in the post.Yeah if your Gizmoproject starts receiving then u need to take call from PC and if you shutdown your phone will take calls.

    I wish if outgoing calls are free 🙂

    Let me know if you find that trick.

  5. Prashant says:

    Hi Kalyan,
    Thats very informative. However, If I dont have a Sunrocket phone at all, how can I setup a telephone adapter et al to get free incoming?
    I wish to be able to use a phone like device & be able to recieve calls even when I am in India.

  6. Kalyan says:

    @Prashant – It is not that you need to have Sun Rocket gizmo for all this Free incoming calls set up.

    1) Use gizmoproject from your PC.The disadvantage is whenever you get a call you need to answer from your PC.

    2) Buy a Linksys PAP2 or similiar voip device

    3)If you are in US – You could get a old Sunrocket gizmo on ebay, Then follow all the steps that were posted in this post.

    Hope this helps.

  7. Madhu says:


    Thanks, I got my phone (innomedia adapter + cordless phone) working with your instructions. But I still need to press 1 to accept an incoming call from grandcentral. Was #4 intended to avoid having to press the 1 button for incoming calls ? Thx.

  8. Madhu says:


    Thanks, I got my phone (innomedia adapter + cordless phone) working with your instructions. But I still need to press 1 to accept an incoming call from grandcentral. Was #4 intended to avoid having to press the 1 button for incoming calls ? Thx.

  9. Kalyan says:

    @Madhu – If you follow step#4 and close your GizmoProject on your PC,you should not be receiving that press#1,#2 and 3 command.

    Also in GrandCentral->Settings->Call Screening options select either #2 (Screen Only Blocked callers) or #3(Turn Screening Off)

    Hope this works.

  10. Madhu says:


    Thanks, I did follow the instructions, and confirmed that my gizmo software wasn’t running on my PC, turned call screeining off on grandcentral, recycled adapter couple of time s and confirmed it still had the settings as specified in #4. But I still have to press 1 to accept the grandcentral call. Another post elsewhere mentions that the DTMF settings changes merely ensure that the tones are being passed on when you press 1, but it doesn’t avoid having to press 1.
    “DTMF: To enable passing tones into automated phone systems:
    Tweak Command: C2
    Select option 0 (zero) for always off, which allows tones to pass through” But I guess you have it working without having to press 1 ?

  11. Kalyan says:

    @Madhu – Last resort I guess u might have dome power recycle …I wonder why you have this case once I did “Look for 18. SIP INFO for DTMF
    4.2) Press 18 to set it to yes
    4.3) Press y at the following prompt Use SIP INFO for transmitting DTMF digits?[y/n]
    4.4) Press w to write setting to Flash”

    and I did hard power reset from Sunrocket power adapter to make sure it took all settings into its flash memory.

    All the posts I searched for when Ihad this issue pointed mainly to DTMF settings on adapter.

  12. raj says:


    I just got an innomedia adapter thinking that I will be able use it India, by unlocking it here in US and sending it to India. Will it work that way after I unlock it in US, or I will never be able to use the unlocked innomedia sunrocket gizmo adapter in India.

  13. Kalyan says:

    @Raj – I never tried that by myself and I doubt why unlocked Sun Rocket gizmo won’t work in India. My guess is you will have no problems in receiving calls with that Grand Central number in India but you may NOT able to make any out going calls with Gizmo project.Gizmo Project in my opinion knows where you are calling from and where you are calling to …Probably you should try and let us know if this set up is working for you..

  14. Anonymous says:

    Hi Kalyan,
    Trying to set up a gizmo AC-211-SR.
    I am having trouble with SNMP. Getif is unable to get a response from SNMP. How can you help with issue?

  15. Kalyan says:

    Joe — I have limited knowledge on SNMP…Is it giving you any specific error….I hope you do not have firewall issues..Lets see if some one sees your comment and responds.

  16. < mainframe > says:

    hey kalyan i followed the instruction meticulously. But for me the messages do not show as green. i get a red box with unregistered on it and in the text box it says init done. any help is appreciated. send me a mail at

  17. Priya says:

    Hi Kalyan,
    I had initially set up my Ac 211 in the U.S , made sure that calling my GC number forwarded my call to SR device. I took the Ac211 to india, did the setup. Now when i try to call from here, i am getting this press 1, 2,3 or 4 from GC and also pressing 1 is also not doing anything for me. They are able to make outgoing calls. Any help would be appreciated.


  18. Kalyan says:

    @Venkat – Did you re-register again in India following the same procedure and steps ? Even the other user @Raj (see his comments) had some issues that you described and don’t know if its resolved for him.

    I myself did not try this setup in India.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Hi Kalyan,

    I have tried unlocking SPA2102-R using the passwords published in other forums.

    Is the process mentioned in your blog valid for Linksys SPA2102-R.

    Thanks in advance for your reply


  20. slickms says:

    Hello Everyone.

    Wondering if someone can help me. I had a AC-211-SR Gizmo device that I unlocked & configured in the US. Sent it to India. Problem is lack of technical folks in India who can sort this out.

    They have Modem -> Gizmo -> Computer.

    The interesting thing is computer can access internet and even run the Gizmo software and is able to use the Gizmo software to make and receive calls without any problems.

    My thinking was that the Sunrocket device just simulates the Gizmo Software, but i am sure there is lot more to it.

    Since its working on the computer I am thinking firewall shouldn’t be an issue as the SAME ports are used.

    Someone please help or give me guidance.

    Thank you.

  21. jerry says:

    reply to previous comment: i think you can only use either the software or the ata, but not both at the same time.

    question for Kalyan: are you still able to receive GC calls without having to press ‘1’? If so, can you look at the ac-211-sr options (image here,18724798 ) and maybe see if it’s possible to do the same thing? thanks

  22. JV says:

    Question to Kalyan:
    Hello, Thanks a lot for this wonderful info. I have few questions/queries. Can you please help?

    As many others, I configured my sunrocket devices in US and sent it to India. without configuring (1..2..3) shortcut.

    1. To start with my outbound balance use to be few cents.
    I was able to call them and talk to them. They tried to call me.. I can hear them and they can’t hear me. In this process we have exhausted outbound balance (now it is 0.01 cents). But the problem is, if I call now, they get the ring, lift, press 1 but then it gets disconnected.

    I am not sure if this is because of the outbound balance becoming 0.01 cents? I want to get it clarified before I go ahead and purchase additional balance there.

    2. Since the device is in India, I am guessing there is no way to avoid that 1..2..3 without connecting it to a PC.. please let me know if we can do anything through web.


  23. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for your POST.. I was thinking to work out somethink like this with sunrocket gizmo. Right now i am in india and after applying these steps i am able to make outgoing calls ( but is it limited/fixed )?..

  24. Anonymous says:

    Hello Kalyan,

    I have configured everything and the only issue I currently have is I am unable to hear the other person’s voice. Can you help?


  25. SaRa says:

    I followed the above steps religiously and finally I made it work. Thanks for the detailed steps. Instead of grandcentral, I am using ipkall since invitations are closed for now.

    My setup is as follows:
    ipkall < -> gizmo5 < -> innomedia ata

    Now whats happening is that when someone calls my ipcall Washington number, my phone rings and if I pickup, I can hear them ok.
    But when I do not pick up the phone, somehow my phone’s answering machine does not pick up the call. BTW, I have disabled gizmo voice mail on my account. I do not want gizmo voicemail to get the call.

    What I want is that, when someone calls and If I do not pick up within 5 rings or so, I want my phone’s answering machine to pick up the call. How do I do this? I’d appreciate if you could let me know.


  26. Joaquin says:

    Dear friends, I was a Sunrocket user changed to Teleblend, that have another 2 unused gizmos Innomedia MTA 6328 2r.
    We want to know if it is possible to connect 3 different office locations via our phone system using our local area network and the gizmos, being one of these gizmos the Teleblend VOIP.
    We have Panasonic Phone Systems in each locations and Dell Switches.

  27. JWesel says:

    i didn’t see it mentioned here, but you can also get free outgoing calls with this setup.

    it isn’t incredibly convenient, because the “dialing out” is done through grandcentral.

    here’s how: login to grandcentral, go to the address book, (add a the contact you want to call if you haven’t previously) and click the “call” button. this will first call your grandcentral number (which will ring your gizmo connected phone), and once you answer, it will call the contact. the phone will start ringing, and your call will go through.

    it’s not as simple as dialing the phone number, but hey, it’s free!

    and if you are like me, i’m at the laptop anyway to look up someones number before i call, so the inconvenience is minimal.

  28. Anonymous says:

    Thanks a lot. I was looking for this setting and following worked perfect.

    Look for Use SIP INFO for DTMF = Yes

    Again Thanks a lot guys.

  29. Anonymous says:

    Hi Kalyan,

    Thanks for your posts so now I have my AC-211N SR gizmo receiving grandcentral calls! But I have problem in connecting through telnet. Everytime I tried ‘open’ it waited a few seconds and said ‘Could not open connection to the host, on port 23:’
    I tried disconnection the WAN and recycle the power, but still not letting me connect.

    Can you please shed some light on this?
    Thank you,

  30. Anonymous says:

    I have completed #4 but I still need to press 1 to accept an incoming call from grandcentral.
    Also in GrandCentral->Settings->Call Screening options selected #3(Turn Screening Off)

    I tried 3 to 4 times above with different ways but still no luck.

    requesting any input.

    thk in advance.

  31. jwesel says:

    I’m pretty sure there is currently NO way to disable the “press 1 to accept call” prompt. if you disable call screening, it will no longer ask your callers who they are, but it will still ask you to accept.

  32. Happy99503 says:

    Hi everyone:
    I have been making outgoing calls from the Grand Central contact list as Commented by Blogger JWesel on 21 July, 2008 11:38. It works well. Here is a severe limitation. To make call to a 1-800 number, when I press the keys I am asked to press for various options, the key tones are not recognized and my calls do not materialize. This is a severe limitation for outgoing calls. Are there any settings I should change to overcome this limitation ? Any help will be appreciated. I use Innomedia MTA 6328 re. For incoming calls, I got used to pressing 1 for all incoming calls. I can live with this. This is not a serious problem.

  33. JWESEL says:


    Sounds like you DTMF settings are set incorrectly, follow step 4.

  34. Happy99503 says:

    Thanks JWESEL for your prompt response.
    Right now,I have the following configuration.

    cable modem >– WAN of router
    LAN of router >– computer
    LAN of router >– gizmo
    Do you suggest I should make a change in the config before proceeding with Step 4.
    Thanks in anticipation of your reply.

  35. JWesel says:

    no, your setup is fine but the IP of the gizmo would be different than step 4 indicates.

    To be clear, this is what it says:
    “At Telnet prompt – type ‘open″”

    you must replace the IP ( with the IP the router gives your gizmo. It will be something like (depending on your router…)

    If you login to your router (usually through a web browser) it should not be too difficult to find the IP of the gizmo.

    Everything else in step 4 would remain the same.

    on a side note (nothing to do with the DTMF settings), with your setup, you must forward ports on the router to the the gizmo.
    You would need to forward UDP ports 5004 and 64064 to the gizmo. You may have already done this…

  36. vijay says:

    Kalyan ,Ajay you have same problem did you fix this ?

    Thank you for the post. Using this information I was able to configure my Sunrocket Gizmo AC-211N-SR to the point where I can call into my Grandcentral number and it rings the phone connected to the adapter. However, i am not able to get past the GrandCentral initial menu (1 to accept, 2 …, 3.. 4 …). Even though I press 1 on the phone, it does not seem to eb recognized, and finally end up in the GrandCentral voicemail box.
    I have Gizmo AC-211N-SR and the telnet commands are totally different..Please help me

  37. Francisco says:

    Not to get off topic here, but do you have an extra grandcentral invite?
    I would really appreciate it. I’ve been waiting for a long time.



  38. JWesel says:

    no, grandcentral is not allowing users to invite at this time. you just have to sign up on the waiting list and … well… wait.

    sorry. i wish i could help.

  39. Kalyan says:

    Thanks JWesel, You are so helpful answering the questions on time. When I did the free voip setup I used Invite Share, Now the waiting list numbers are growing. If I find some new ones I’ll email it to you directly.


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