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Hyderabad's Gokul chat and Lumbini park explosions – A heinous terrorist act

Two powerful explosions , One at Gokul chat (an eatery joint) and the other at Lumbani park (a popular leisure spot) killed 40+ people in Hyderabad, India.My condolences and all our prayers goes to the families of the victims.Bombs exploded within 4 minutes span at two locations.Ask any Hyderabadi he/she will tell you that Gokul chat has its own place in the history of Hyderabad.When I visited Hyderabad last month, I was told MCH has recently shut down “Gokul Chat Bhandar” located in Koti based on complaints received from public on its poor hygiene .How sad it is that the eatery joint and the food lovers had to witness this tragedy.This is one of crowded public areas that militants choose to create havoc.It was the second time in fewer than four months that Hyderabad, which has become known for its computer software industry,Real estate boom has been hit by a deadly bombing.Hyderabad is home to 4 million plus people, with Muslims making up about 40 plus percent of the population.The Hyderabad city has a history of communal tension between Hindus and Muslims.

Militants choose weekend and the most crowded places to create maximum destruction and as reports say thank rain god as heavy rain over the weekend saved numerous lives.

Police are finding other bombs and defusing in the city , one under a footbridge in the busy DilsukhNagar area, and another in a movie theater in the Narayanaguda.

CNN reports

Authorities also found explosives at 16 other locations in and near the city — one of India’s biggest, Reddy said. Two of the unexploded explosives were recovered in two cinemas, named Venkatramana and Venkatadiri.

This is noteworthy that explosion at Lumbini park bomb is timed with India’s national anthem – Jana Gana Mana.Deccan Chornicle reports

The bomb in Lumbini Park was timed to go off while the national anthem played at the end of the laser show. And as the audience stood to render the anthem a powerful blast rent the night.

Deccan Chronicle reports – Rain saved many lives

Had it not been for the rain god, the tragedy that struck the city on Saturday night would have been much worse. There was a sharp drop in the number of visitors at Lumbini Park, a relatively inexpensive entertainment park alongside Hussainsagar, where one of the bombs exploded.The bomb went off at the famous laserium when a laser show was on. The laserium can seat about 2,000 people. However, due to heavy rain in the evening, only 500 people turned up for the show.Lumbini Park director Chandra Mohan Reddy told this correspondent that 500-odd tickets were sold.


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