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To boost productivity – worship the work and adopt style

Shyam’s style of work is different from Tom’s.Style of work differs from person to person.One has to develop ones style of work out of his/her own experience to boost ones productivity.Is worship work? or Is work worship?
Shyam is sales executive.His boss appreciates him,the reason is his act of tactfully convincing the consumer.The consumer behavior is important.Some consumers says Shyam’s approach is boring.Then he leaves them.He selects other consumers and spends his energy.Thus he earn profits for his/her boss.
Everyday Milk lesson : For instance milk is the product.Even though it is perishable it is the main food item to majority of the consumers.Suppose if a person does not like milk, Shyam leaves them.Only few persons are left out.He used to explain the quality of the product, date of expiry and the advantages in keeping ones good health.He suggests his boss about the title of his product in improving the quality with less cost and any other suggestions on the basis of his study of the consumer behavior.
Health is wealth lesson: Take another example , Tobacco products caution about health is essential.Reduces the span of your life, temporary joy leads to permanent damage – such cautions are necessary to protect the health of the consumer.Then the Shyam’s consumer limits his consumption and … the product.

In another case, Tom is a teaching professional.His style of work is different.He has to acquire adequate knowledge to teach his students. His area is limited to students only.He has to extract the best output from students to make them tomorrows leaders.The responsibility of profession is more as education is continuous process. Some students may like him.Some may not.He should not leave the students who do not like him.The professional has to concentrate more on them and has to analyze the reasons and has to change style of work to attract them.Then he earns name for his institution and thus he keeps cent percent students in his grip.In the process his boss appreciates him.
As such , the style of work plays vital role in development.It depends on the nature of work performed.The main ingredients of ‘Style of Work’ are

  1. Choice of profession
  2. Plan of action
  3. Performance of tasks

Some of the tips to boost productivity with style of work.

  1. Consume less time of your bosses – so that the precious time of boss is saved and he can utilize such time in concentrating other important aspects.
  2. Do maximum work in minimum time.This depends on nature of work selected and experience gained out of it.

As education is continuous process style of work too continuous.There is no end. But every body has to recollect the saying ‘work is worship’


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Posted By: Kalyan | Date: August 16, 2007 | Categories: MBA

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