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6th ODI – Uthappa steals thrilling victory from Collingwood's team

Who’s the King of the match ? Robin Uthappa.

Probably Uthappa’s berth has been confirmed in the team with this crucial match say for another 15 to 20 matches.Single handedly when wickets are falling on other end, Uthappa hit two back to back fours making the India win possible and tie the ODI series. What a comeback for him and India who was trailing 3-1 in the series.

With sizzling opening partnership from Tendlya and Ganguly no body hoped that Uthappa will come to bat.Opener’s job is to give a good launching pad to the rest of the team. That’s what these openers did. At one stage it did not mattered to openers if its a powrplay or not they went on rampage destroying all the England bowlers.Hope all Tendlya fans rejoiced all this good aggressive cricket that he used to play in 90’s.Looked like 90’s fashioned traditional Indian batting style the way India was ticking score board with just boundaries. Collingwood is a very good captain waited too long for power play hoping that one of the openers gets dismissed.

From over 21 things started slowing down for India side with Tendlya in his 90+ runs.Tendlya’s body took its toll with cramps with Physio working on him.This is the time Collingwood made a right decision knowing that Tendlya is in 90’s he took power play knowing that Tendlya slows down for his ton.Power Play 3 could give India only 23 runs.Gambhir, one of the promising opener among the courrent young players did his job giving good stand for team India.Another ton missed by Tendlya.Imagine how distressful this can be to any player.But Tendulkar played very agressive to his age today.

Who had to be cursed for England’s 316 score ? Chawla, if only he had kept himself inside the ropes on first 6, the score would have been below 300 or Yuvraj for giving away five sixers in consecutive balls of last over.

Team India keeps the hopes of fans alive for the last and 7th ODI which is the series decider.


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Posted By: Kalyan | Date: September 5, 2007 | Categories: Cricket

0 Responses to 6th ODI – Uthappa steals thrilling victory from Collingwood's team

  1. Raj says:

    Truly great match, at the end of it, I didn’t have any finger nails left to chew.I actually gave up hope when Dhoni got out, but that kid really held his nerves considering that he was going to get any chances

  2. Kalyan says:

    @Raj, My hopes are out when Yuvraj gave up his wicket.Uthappa played international cricket like only Aussies do when wickets fall at regular interval and chasing a 300+ score. Great match. I too enjoyed every bit of it with my adrenalin pumped up to its highest level in the last over.I want Team India to improve on its bowling.We would have comfortably won if we had good all rounders in the team.

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