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Brookfield Zoo – A good chicago attraction for toddlers

My 1+ year toddler is so fascinated with her animals book she asks us repeatedly all the animal names and their sounds.This is a perfect time we thought a visit to the zoo will introduces her to the fascinating world of wild animals.Our hope was that she will learn about the animals, while spending quality time with us. I took some pictures and put a small photo gallery with photograph of the animal that she saw at the zoo.This keeps her busy now a days and distracts her from other toddler regular destructions.

The Brookfield Zoo is Located in Chicago suburbs , the Brookfield Zoo is very large and difficult to see all of the wild life in one day. Also the weather should be convenient as there is a great deal of walking in the zoo as space between exhibits is quite significant. On the other hand, it is quite a enjoyable walk as space between exhibits are filled with views of fountains, gardens, and parks.

Select the dropdown to watch the Brookfield Zoo Wild life gallery:

Tropic World is housed in a big building, and is made up of multi species rain forest exhibits divided into three regions (South America, Southeast Asia, and Africa). Each exhibit is viewed from a trail perched in the middle of the building. Perhaps it’s most intriguing characteristic is the species mixing.

Motor safari tram is nice addition if you would like to see all of the Zoo at one shot.This costs you extra money other than general admission price.

Dolphin Presentations is a nice to see show but not a must see show that I have seen previously in Baltimore, Maryland.

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Posted By: Kalyan | Date: September 19, 2007 | Categories: Travel

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