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Halo3 xbox360 video game coupon savings upto $15 off

Halo 3 – the most eagerly anticipated video game of the year is available for $44.99 a $15 dollars savings at f.y.e

Original Price: $59.99 – Rebate ($5.00)Paypal10 coupon ($10.00) = $44.99

paypal10 Coupon Details:

This coupon can be redeemed with a purchase paid in full with PayPal® of $35 or more of eligible products. The minimum purchase must total $35 and excludes applicable sales tax, shipping expenses, and pre-order purchases, Gift Cards and Music Downloads. This offer is only valid for purchases made at and its mirror sites and is not valid on purchases made in any f.y.e. retail store or from third parties accessible from our site.

Check the CNN Review: ‘Halo 3’ lives up to the hype :

# Fans can expect a few new features to justify the purchase of “Halo 3”
# The extraordinary high-definition graphics push the limits of the Xbox 360
# Game has thousands of lines of dialogue and a Hollywood-quality musical score


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