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Chiru's daughter Srija's wedding video at Arya Samaj

Chiranjeevi’s daughter Srija’s wedding news

This news is becoming a sensational news in Andhra Pradesh, India where popular tollywood megastar Chiranjeevi’s 18 year old daughter got married to Bharadwaja, a B-Tech student.

Update :Srija and Sirish were present in the courtroom during the hearing. In their petition, they also apprehended a repeat of the recent Kolkata incident involving the murder of Rizwanur Rehman, who dared to romance a business tycoon’s daughter.

Srija talks to media in New Delhi :

Pawan Kalyan hands over his gun and license in Jublie hills police station :

Whats funny I felt of Power Star’s revolver drama is when he asked people around him “What’s the boy’s name who married Srija?” …haa you don’t know his name Pavan Kalyan….whole world knows and you better stop acting smart and don’t make your self a negative talking point in the media … After this revolver incident ..many stories have come out in the media about his severing ties and widening gap with his brother Chiranjeevi and hope they are not true….At least follow the matured footsteps of Chiru in this incident …As Chiru rightly said “Where ever you are Srija ..our well wishes are with you” …thats the correct end to the drama.

Pawan Kalyan’s press conference & commonman Protection Force:

Chiranjeevi’s response

Srija’s wedding related news

-> Education : Srija recently completed her intermediate and is pursuing CA. Sirish Bharadwaja is an engineering student from Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Technology, Hyderabad.

-> Intercaste Marriage :Sirish hails from a middle class Brahmin family and his father is a lawyer and their parents too did love marraige.Srija hails from kapu community.

-> Political support: What guts it requires to elope and marry a popular celebrity’s daughter – Firstly probably blind childish love and secondly Sirish is said to be a friend of ex-CLP leader P. Janardhan Reddy’s son.

->Sirish’s kidnapping accusations: Accusation that Sirish had allegedly kidnapped a minor girl in 2002.A case had been registered against him at the Sanjeeva Reddy Nagar police station on a complaint of the minor girl’s father Arun Kumar.Reports indicate the Sirish was arrested on March 30, 2002 and was in jail for a week. He was subsequently released on bail.

->Effect on Chiru’s political career: The dramatization of the incident are likely to have rippling effect in view of the role Chiranjeevi is expected to play in the politics of the AP state.

Wedding video

Srija’s [marriage] pictures

Click me for all wedding pictures

Previous sensational news:

Here are some of other past tollywood news that created sensation surrounding highly famed actors and their daughters:

Mohanbabu’s daughter’s marriage

Mohanbabu was accused of attacking one of his daughter’s in-laws after the girl married against his wishes.

Uday Kiran’s engagement

Uday Kiran’s engagement with Chiranjeevi’s daughter Sushmita was called off as rumors are that was previously engaged to a Mangalore girl Nivedita, rumoured to be a journalist, before the proposed wedding with Chiranjeevi’s daughter.

Pawan Kalyan’s bigamy

Nandini filed a complaint of bigamy with Vizag court on 22nd June that she is the first wife of Pawan Kalyan and Pawan Kalyan entered into second marriage with actress Renu Desai without her consent nor taking divorce from the first marriage.

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0 Responses to Chiru's daughter Srija's wedding video at Arya Samaj

  1. Anonymous says:

    I wish all the best to Srija and crish.God bless you. Its time to realise every film personalities.Think like general people suffering if a girl elopes with her loves one.If film personalities accept this do this maariege like sushmitha marriage.Then only people accept your all time fim poersonaliets. or else think now onwards before shooting a film with love.This is the time to realise .
    Finally i salute and hatsup to crish and =srija.Surely god is there.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Here is the clear cut family photograph of chiru family

  3. Kalyan says:

    @anonymous – thanks..awesome latest Chiru’s family pic from telugucinemastills.


  4. Anonymous says:

    i don’t know what is srija’s problem with her family, but as an ordinary indian citizen, my immediate response to the news of her wedding is, she shouldn’t have
    married at this age, as i don’t think she is in a position to take any wise decisions.

  5. JaiChiru says:

    JOIN to say Chiranjeevi at

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