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Wrong name on EAD , 485 , Advance Parole documents

This post is for those who got wrong information on their Green Card – EAD,485 & AP documents.Be sure to check twice if all information on GC documents are correct.

Wrong Last Name:

My wife got her 485, AP and EAD receipts and all of them had incorrect last name. One letter was dropped from the last name.

Here are few options available to change this name or use some alternate method.

Finger printing:

When we went for our finger printing appointment we informed the officer and changed her last name to the correct one in her 485 application.

EAD Card:

We received her EAD card which had the incorrect last name.Looks like I have two options available
a) Re apply – Send original EAD card back to USCIS to get the problem fixed.As per estimates this would take minimum of 90 days.
b) Use wrong EAD card with Passport which has correct name on it. This was one suggestion from immigration attorneys and hope that works with out any issues.

I’m inclining to option ‘b’ as in one year I anyway had to renew EAD card.

Social Security Number:

The big worry we had is that if my wife who is on H4 visa can get SSN with wrong name on EAD Card (EAD card is the proof of employment authorization to get SSN number) ? There is no need to worry and this situations we will get SSN number irrespective of names spelled wrong on EAD card. The first question we were asked at social security office if if names were correct on EAD.They put the right names on SSN application and included wrong name on other names.

Advanced Parole::

In the AP receipt her last name was wrong. The option seems to be calling USCIS and correcting it in the system.

The USCIS numbers to call and fix are listed in the receipt documents.


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