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Black Friday 2007 Adobe Photoshop and Premiere Elements,Norton,Microsoft Office Home software deals

Black Friday software deals are sweet with most of them FREE but the problem is these tons of FREE software deals comes as Mail-In-Rebate items. I don’t know how many of my $$ I’ve lost in these mail-in-rebates. 1)I’m lazy 2) These companies (Remember Buffalo, NY rebate companies?) some times send you to include additional info by which time I already trash my box and the receipts.

Lesson learned hard way — A much as possible go with non MIR items unless its really adds value even with MIR.

Items of interest this Black Friday 2007 : Adobe Photoshop and Premiere Elements for 69.99$ (80$ MIR) [I need this for my DSLR]

The below columns are sortable : [Tip : Click on blue header link in the column]

After thanksgiving Software sale
Retailer s/w Type Software product Price comments
Best Buy Security Norton Software Bundle $ 29.99  
Best Buy CD/DVD Burning Roxio Easy CD & DVD $ 9.99  
Best Buy Educational Spanish, French, German, English Deluxe (PC) $ 9.99  
Best Buy Photo/Video Adobe Photoshop & Premiere Elements (PC) $ 89.99  
Circuit City Educational Preschool Software (PC) $ 4.99 $15 MIR
Circuit City Security Spy Sweeper Software (PC) $ 2.99 $20 MIR
Circuit City Photo/Video Photo Explosion Software (PC) FREE $40 MIR
CompUSA Productivity Microsoft Office Home and Student 2007 $ 99.99 A door buster item – $50 MIR
CompUSA Security Norton 360 (Software) FREE A door buster item $70 MIR
CompUSA CD/DVD Burning Software: VHS to DVD 3.0 $ 29.99 $20 MIR
CompUSA Utility Software: Acronis True Image $ 29.99 $20 MIR
CompUSA Photo/Video Software: Adobe Premiere Elements with purchase of any Camera or CamCorder $ 39.90 $60 MIR
CompUSA CD/DVD Burning Software: Creator 10 $ 49.99 $20 MIR
CompUSA Utility Software: Free DriveScrubber 3 with purchase of any notebook desktop or hard drive FREE $30 MIR
CompUSA Security Software: Free Internet Security after purchase of computer and meeting qualifing rebates FREE $80 MIR
CompUSA Photo/Video Software: Movie Studio $ 29.99 $50 MIR
CompUSA Security Software: Norton AnitVirus 2008 and Ghost – must meet rebate qualifications $ 9.99 $70 MIR
CompUSA Utility Software: Recover Lost Photos with purchase of Camera or CamCorder, comes w/ 128 MB Secure Digital Card $ 9.99 $20 MIR
CompUSA Utility Software: Registry Mechanic $ 19.99 $10 MIR
CompUSA Security Software: Spy Sweeper $ 9.99 $20 MIR
CompUSA Photo/Video Software: Studio Ultimate with upgrade rebate $ 59.90 $70 MIR
CompUSA Utility Software: Website Maker $ 9.99 $20 MIR
CompUSA-TG Photo/Video Adobe Photoshop and Premiere Elements $ 69.99 A door buster item – $80 MIR
MicroCenter Operating Sys MS Windows Vista Home Premium (OEM) $ 79.99  
MicroCenter Security Nod32 Antivirus System $ 49.99  
MicroCenter Security Nod32 ESET Smart Security $ 69.99  
Office Max Security Kaskperksy Internet Security $ 19.99  
Office Max Misc Registry Repair Software $ 9.99  
Office Max Security TrendMicro Internet Security $ 19.99  
Staples Security Norton 360 for 1-3 PCs $ 20.00 A door buster itrem – $50 MIR
Staples Security Norton Systemworks $ 20.00 A door buster item – $40 MIR


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