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Black Friday 2007 camcorders – Panasonic, Samsung,Sony,JVC,AIPTEK,Hitachi,Canon and Flip deals

Update – Nov 26 2008 – For 2008 Black Friday 2008 Camcorders please click here

All camcorders Black Friday deals and columns below are sortabale.
Item of interest – Flip camera for 89.99$ at COMPUSA on thanksgiving day (a Door buster item)

Retailer Type Model Price comments
Best Buy Accessories Memorex 3-Oack Mini DVD-RW Discs $ 3.99  
Best Buy Accessories Panasonic 2-Pack MiniDV Tapes $ 3.99  
Best Buy DVD Sony DVD Camcorder Package $ 319.99  
Best Buy Hard Drive 30GB Hard Drive Camcorder $ 329.99  
Best Buy Hard Drive Sony 30GB Hard Drive Camcorder $ 549.99  
Best Buy Mini DV Panasonic MiniDV Camcorder w/ 32X Optical Zoom & Optical Image Stabilization $ 149.99  
Circuit City Accessories Samsonite Large Camcorder Bag $ 5.99  
Circuit City Accessories FujiFilm 3 Pack of DVC Camcorder Media (Buy 1, Get 1 Free) $ 16.99  
Circuit City Accessories FujiFilm 10 Pack of Mini DVD-R (Buy 1, Get 2 Free) $ 19.99  
Circuit City DVD Samsung MiniDVD Camcorder $ 199.99  
Circuit City DVD Panasonic MiniDVD Camcorder $ 219.99  
Circuit City Hard Drive Hitachi Mini Hard Drive Hybrid Camcorder $ 299.99  
Circuit City Hard Drive Sony 30GB Hard Drive HandyCam Camcorder Bundle $ 529.98  
Circuit City Hard Drive Sony 40GB Hard Drive Camcorder $ 999.99  
Circuit City Mini DV JVC MiniDV Camcorder $ 179.99  
Circuit City Mini DV Panasonic MiniDV Camcorder $ 199.99  
Circuit City Other AIPTEK 5-in-1 Multi-Functional MPEG Camcorder $ 49.99  
Circuit City Other AIPTEK HD Camcorder $ 119.99  
CompUSA Hard Drive Canon 40 GB HDD CamCorder $ 999.99  
CompUSA Other Flip 2 GB Video CamCorder with 2x digital zoom $ 149.99  
CompUSA Hard Drive JVC 30 GB HDD Hybird CamCorder with 34x Optical Zoom $ 399.99  
CompUSA Other Samsung Micro Compact DivX CamCorder with MP3 Player $ 349.99  
CompUSA Hard Drive Sony 30 GB 20hours of Video Handycam CamCorder $ 499.99  
CompUSA Other Sony 5.0 Megapixel Ultra compact MPEG4 CamCorder $ 199.99  
CompUSA-TG Other Flip Cam with Instant Online Publishing for YouTube $ 89.99 Door Buster, 9:00 PM
hhgregg DVD Samsung DVD Camcorder $ 149.97 $50 MIR
hhgregg DVD Sony DVD Handycam Camcorder w/ 40x Optical/2000x Digital Zoom $ 279.97  
hhgregg DVD Hitachi DVD/8GB Hard Drive Camcorder w/ 25x Optical, 1200x Digital $ 319.97  
hhgregg Hard Drive JVC Everio 30GB Hard Drive Camcorder w/ 34x Optical, 800x Digital $ 349.97  
hhgregg Hard Drive Sony 30GB Hard Drive Handycam Camcorder w/ 25x Optical, 2000x Digital Zoom $ 479.97  
hhgregg Mini DV Canon Mini DV Camcorder w/ 35x Optical Zoom and 1000x Digital Zoom $ 179.97  
hhgregg Mini DV Canon High-Definition Mini DV Camcorder w/ 10x Optical, 200x Digital Zoom $ 799.97  
hhgregg Other Flip Video – The Everyday Camcorder $ 119.97  
JC Penney Other Kids Digital Camcorder $ 38.88  
Kmart DVD Samsung DVD Camcorder $ 199.99 6:00AM
Kmart – TG DAY VHS-C JVC VHS-C Camcorder $ 119.99 7:00AM


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Posted By: Kalyan | Date: November 18, 2007 | Categories: Deals

One Response to Black Friday 2007 camcorders – Panasonic, Samsung,Sony,JVC,AIPTEK,Hitachi,Canon and Flip deals

  1. Josh says:

    Sony camera is everything I hoped it to be, small enough to carry around anywhere you go and absolutely idiot proof! Take it from me, as someone who finds it hard to work the DVD player, and absolutely cannot work the sky box! I took it out without even looking at the instructions and it was extremely simple, very obvious, touch screen with pics on it for you to touch and away you go. Highly recommend, in fact already have and a friend saw it who had been worried about being able to work such a tiny thing but she too decided it was totally fab!, Only shame is the battery doesn't last too long so do purchase a backup one to keep in your bag so you can do plently of recording.

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