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Black Friday 2007 MP3 players of iPod,Zune,Sandisk Sansa,Creative Labs Zen deals

I feel it has become a custom to buy a MP3 player each holiday season and no wonder it is said to be a hot holiday item , There are good door busters for MP3 players this Black Friday.

I’ve put up the list collected from Black Friday sites, Columns are sortable so one can decide on store or price or MP3 model to shop for this Black Friday. Here are all Black Friday MP3 deals.Click on the column header to sort the column header.

MP3 Players
Retailer Type Model Price comments
JC Penney 2GB SPI 2GB Video MP3 Player $ 49.88  
JC Penney Accessories 7-N-1 Accessory Kits For Ipod $ 28.88  
JC Penney Headphones Bling Cases or Ear Buds For Ipod $ 9.88  
JC Penney Speakers Isound Dreamtime or Iwall Docking Stations For Ipod $ 58.88  
JC Penney Speakers Isound Portable Speakers or Talking Caller Id Phone $ 8.88  
hhgregg 1GB 1GB Digital MP3 Player $ 14.97 Door buster item and a $5 MIR
hhgregg 2GB 2GB Video MP3 Player w/ Built-in FM Radio and Recorder $ 49.97  
hhgregg Accessories iLive iPod Portable Docking System/Boombox $ 29.97 $10 MIR
CompUSA 160GB Apple 160GB iPod classic $ 349.99  
CompUSA 16GB Apple 16GB iPod touch $ 399.00  
CompUSA 4GB Apple 4GB iPod nanos $ 149.99  
CompUSA 80GB Apple 80GB iPod classic $ 249.99  
CompUSA 8GB Apple 8GB iPod nanos $ 199.99  
CompUSA 8GB Apple 8GB iPod touch $ 299.99  
CompUSA Headphones Bose In-Ear Headphones $ 99.99  
CompUSA 4GB Centron 4GB moVox MP4 Mobile Media Player $ 49.99 Door buster item $20 MIR
CompUSA Accessories iTrip Auto $ 34.99  
CompUSA Headphones JVC Noise Cancelling Headphones $ 29.99  
CompUSA Accessories Apple iPod nano, classic touch cases $ 21.99  
CompUSA Accessories DLO Action Jacket Arm Bands $ 17.99  
CompUSA Accessories DLO Action Jacket Arm Bands $ 17.99  
CompUSA Accessories DLO Jam Jacket Case $ 14.99  
CompUSA 1GB Apple 1GB iPod Shuffle wiith Free JVC Gumy Earbuds $ 79.99  
CompUSA Accessories LEI MP3 Kit $ 19.99  
CompUSA 2GB Sansa 2GB MP3 Player $ 49.99  
CompUSA 1GB Trio Onyn 1GB Portable Media Player $ 39.99  
CompUSA 30GB Zune 30GB Digital Media Player $ 99.99  
CompUSA Accessories Zune Dock $ 39.99  
Circuit City 1GB Coby 1GB MP3 Player $ 19.99  
Circuit City 1GB Element 1GB MP3 Player w/ FM Tuner $ 22.99  
Circuit City 2GB SanDisk 2GB MP3 Player with FM Tuner $ 37.99  
Circuit City 2GB Sandisk 2GB Sansa c250 MP3 Player $ 49.99  
Circuit City 4GB Apple 4GB iPod Nano w/ $15 GC $ 149.99  
Circuit City 4GB Zune 4GB $ 149.99  
Circuit City 8GB Creative Labs Zen V 8GB MP3 Player $ 99.99  
Circuit City Accessories Memorex Portable Speaker for iPod $ 24.99  
Circuit City Accessories Nexxtech Power Adapter for USB MP3 Players $ 7.99  
Circuit City Accessories Verge iPod Nano Sports Armband $ 7.99  
Circuit City Headphones Philips Neckband Headphones $ 4.99  
Circuit City Headphones Skullcandy Smokin’ Buds Ink’d 11mm Double-bass Earbuds $ 9.99  
Best Buy 2GB Insignia 2GB MP3 Player with Bluetooth Headphones $ 129.98  
Best Buy 2GB SanDisk 2GB MP3 Player $ 34.99 Door buster item
Best Buy 2GB SanDisk 2GB Sansa e250 MP3 Player $ 69.99  
Best Buy 4GB SanDisk 4GB Sansa e260 MP3 Player $ 99.99  
Best Buy Accessories Logitech Portable Speakers for iPod $ 59.99  
Kmart Speakers GPX iPod Dock AM/FM Radio $ 19.99  
Kmart – TG DAY Speakers iPod Certified Flat-Panel Home Speaker System $ 299.99  
Kmart – TG DAY 1GB Mach Speed Indigo 1GB MP3 Player with Earbuds $ 14.99  
Kmart – TG DAY 4GB Zune 4GB MP3 Player $ 149.99  
Kmart – TG DAY 8GB Zune 8GB MP3 Player $ 199.99  
Kmart – TG DAY Headphones Coby Headphone and Earphone Combo Pack $ 4.99  
Kmart – Sat Accessories iDeal Pak iPod Accessory Kit $ 19.99 Door buster item
FYE Speakers iHome Speaker Chair $ 19.99 $20 MIR
FYE Speakers iHome Speaker Pillow $ 9.99 Door buster item
FYE 1GB Coby 1GB MP3 Player $ 19.99 $10 MIR
FYE 256MB Coby 256mb MP3 Player $ 9.99  
FYE Accessories iLive Speaker Dock for iPod $ 19.99 $30 MIR
FYE Accessories iPod Shuffle & Xtrememac Tango iPod Speaker Dock $ 149.99  
FYE Headphones Skullcandy Ink’d Buds $ 9.99  
Costco Speakers Altec Lansing iM600 Portable iPod Docking/FM Radio Speaker $ 89.99  
Costco 8GB SanDisk Sansa e280 8GB MP3 Player $ 89.99  
CompUSA-TG Accessories IPod All-in-One Kit by Emerge $ 9.99 Door buster item
CompUSA-TG 1GB Centon 1 GB MP3 Player $ 14.99 Door buster item
Linens & Things Speakers Homedics Dock-n-Party Pro Speaker System for iPod $ 129.99  
Linens & Things Speakers The Sharper Image Folding Travel Speakers $ 19.95  
Macys 1GB Innovative Technology 1GB MP3 and Video Player $ 29.99 Door buster item
Meijer Speakers iPod Speaker System $ 29.99  
Meijer 4GB iPod Nano 4GB $ 149.99  
Meijer 30GB Zune 30GB Music Player (Brown) $ 89.99  
MicroCenter 1GB Raven 1GB MP3 Player $ 9.99 $10 MIR
MicroCenter 1GB Trio Onyx Portable Media Player $ 49.99  
Office Depot Headphones Sony Earbud Headphones $ 9.99  
Office Depot Headphones Sony Noise Cancelling Headphones $ 59.99  
Office Depot Headphones Sony Stereo Headphones $ 9.99  
Office Depot Headphones Sony Street Style Headphones $ 18.99  
Office Depot 80GB Archos 705 80GB Portable Media Player with Wifi $ 399.99  
Office Depot 1GB Coby 1GB MP3 Player $ 14.99  
Office Depot Speakers iHome AM/FM Table Radio For iPods $ 59.99  
Office Depot Speakers Maxx Digital iPod Executive System With AM/FM Clock Radio $ 49.99  
Office Depot 1GB SanDisk Sansa 1GB MP3 Player $ 49.99  
Office Depot 2GB SanDisk Sansa 2GB MP3 Player $ 49.99  
Office Depot 8GB SanDisk Sansa 8GB MP3 Player $ 99.99  
Office Max 1GB SanDisk Sansa Express 1GB MP3 Player $ 29.99  
Office Max 2GB SanDisk Sansa c250 2GB MP3 Player $ 49.99  
Office Max 2GB Sandisk Sansa e250 2GB MP3 Player $ 69.99  
Office Max 30GB Zune 30GB Digital Media Player $ 99.99  
Office Max 8GB Sandisk Sansa e280 8GB MP3/Video Player $ 119.99  
Radio Shack 1GB MyMusix 1GB MP3 Player $ 19.99 Door buster item $10 MIR
Radio Shack 2GB Accurian 2GB MP3 Video Player with Built-In Speaker $ 59.99  
Radio Shack 30GB Zune 30GB $ 99.99  
Radio Shack 4GB IPod Nano 4GB $ 149.99  
Radio Shack 4GB SanDisk Expandable 4GB Video MP3 Player $ 79.99  
Radio Shack 80GB IPod Classic 80GB $ 249.99  
Radio Shack Accessories Accurian Universal MP3 Value Kit $ 19.99  
Radio Shack Accessories Zune Travel Accessory Pack $ 29.99 Door buster item
Radio Shack Headphones Sony Superlight Ear Buds $ 4.99  
Radio Shack Speakers Altec Lansing High-Powered Docking Speaker System $ 79.99  
Sears 1GB 1GB MP3 Player $ 9.99 Door buster item $10 MIR
Sears 1GB Nextar 1GB MP3 Player $ 17.99 Door buster item
Sears 2GB TGE 2GB Video MP3 Player $ 39.99  
Sears Accessories Ideal Complete iPod Kit $ 19.99 Door buster item
Sears Headphones Sony Superlight In-the-Ear Headphones $ 4.99 Door buster item
Target 4GB Memorex 4GB MP3 Player $ 68.00  
Target 8GB Apple 8GB iPod Nano $ 199.00  
Target Accessories iPod Docking Alarm Clock – Jensen $ 29.00  
Target Accessories iPod Docking Alarm Clock – NextPlay $ 29.00  
Toys R Us 30GB Microsoft Zune 30GB MP3/Video Player $ 79.99 Door buster item
Toys R Us Other Mini Media Player $ 24.99 Door buster item
Toys R Us 512MB Nextar 512MB Digital MP3 Player $ 9.99 Door buster item
Walgreens Speakers iHome2Go Stero Speaker System $ 12.99  
Walgreens 2GB Coby 2GB MP3 / Video Player $ 49.99  


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