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Cyber Monday 2007 Dell, BestBuy, Circuit city, Staples, Sears,Toysrus deals – Is it the hype or the fact this year?

Update Nov 29 – 2008 Cyber Monday deals are available at this link

What’s in the bag for Year 2007 Cyber Monday?

Use Paypal as much as possible to get 20% off or cash back discount at these stores online – New Egg, Toys R Us , Eastbay, HP, Overstock, SierraTradingPost and Dell

Here are direct stores links :

->Click me for Staples cyber monday 2007 link
(Is it just me that I see a middle finger or (probably hand raised ??) in all these Staples deals page 🙂 )

->Click me for Cyber Monday 2007 Sears link

-> Click me for Best Buy Cyber Monday 2007 deals

-> Dell deals [ Direct link ]
Click me for Dell Laptop deals on Cyber Monday 2007
Use PayPal to get 20% off.

-> Circuit City deals [ Direct link still not yet available]
1) Click me for 10% off CyberMonday circuit city coupon code
2) Here is an excellent site with donations to troops plus shopping
Click me for all current Circuit City Online deals

->Click me for ToysRus cybermonday 2007 deals
This is total 16 pages circular and all of them are available online for sale.
Get 20% cashback when you pay with Paypal only on CyberMonday 2007 at Toys R Us.

-> click me for New Egg Cyber Monday deals.

-> – Free Shipping on Select Items in the Gift Center on Cyber Monday (promotion/general text link category)!

-> – Thru Cyber Monday Get up to 40% off Garmin navigation & GPS at Offer ends 12-28-07.
Get up to 40% off Garmin navigation & GPS at Offer ends 12-28-07.


-> site will have most links to all stores.

-> Nicely compiled all in one place list from slick deals.

As soon as I get Cyber Monday 2007 deals from Dell, Circuit City, Best Buy and CompUSA store I’ll post them here.

Cyber Monday and the hype ?

Cyber Monday is the Monday after Thanksgiving and is historically not the biggest online shopping day ( Statistics show CyberMonday is the only 12th biggest online shopping day of the year). Cyber Monday is the online retail equivalent to Black Friday: Black Friday is associated with traditional brick-and-mortar (B&M) stores, “Cyber Monday” symbolizes a busy day for online retailers Is it just the hype ? Or Can online shoppers really get good online deals in 2007 Cyber Monday ? Cyber Monday online sales in 2004 came in at $380 million, the reports claim.Customer spending on Cyber Monday totaled $608 million in 2006, up 26 percent versus the same day last year.Sure these numbers show retailers are catching up with online deals year over year. What are some of the most-shopped categories last year on Cyber Monday – jewelry,consumer electronics, gourmet food, furniture and home decor, the report said.

Nielsen report found Black Friday traffic to online shopping sites grew 39 percent week-over-week from home, while Cyber Monday retail traffic grew 18 percent week-over-week from work.

Britt Beemer, the founder and CEO of America’s Research Group asserted that “Cyber Monday is a hoax. However, the main story of 2006 — which was based on a survey by MasterCard — asserted it was a myth, as records suggested that the peak day online in 2005 was really 5 December (as the Orlando Sentinel put it on 29 November 2006: “Cyber Monday may need to be renamed Cyber Hype”).

Also the common belief that “If you wait until “Cyber Monday” you just may get a better deal ” says some shoppers who were frustrated with disaapointing Black Friday deals.

Year 2006 Cyber Monday deals trends:

->Shoppers hopped on auction site to ring some deals as Up until Cyber Monday (Nov 27th’2006) Ubid ran a ton of $1 Mega Auctions to end on that specific day. Discounted computers, ipods, software, aerobeds, calendar kits, bedding, everything and some are 200+ items deep auctions so there was a good probabilty for a deal.

->What about Dell ? The online gaint had some sort of deals on laptops and other stuff in year 2006

-> Electronics chain CompUSA’s one-day Cyber Monday sale includes a 17-inch LCD monitor for under $180 and 10-inch portable DVD players for less than $230.

-> Click me for 2006 circuit city Cyber Monday deals


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