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District 211 teachers strike on Thursday

Edit: Strike by teachers of District 211 was called off Thursday night (November’8’2007) when board members agreed to the union’s salary demands.

The school district 211 I live is in news lately with its unionized teachers going for a strike starting this Thursday unless a settlement is reached.District 211 is the largest high school district in the State of Illinois serves nearly 13,000 students in five high schools of Palatine & Schaumburg cities.Teachers (roughly 800) of District 211 demand that they be paid of salaries of neighboring schools like Northwest Suburban High School District 214, whose teachers will earn 4% where as District211 teachers earn only 2% annual salary rise.Under current terms, the unionized teachers get a 2 percent increase this year, not including step increases for their experience.It is reported in one news that according to the 2007 state school report card, District 211 teachers make about $85,766 annually.All District 211 schools are open and operating normally at this time.Not happy with in salary rise percent teachers vote to walk out Thursday.

Both Palatine and Schaumburg Township has enjoyed good growth like the premium real estate value because of its good schools in the past few years.We have to wait and see if there be any cascading effect of teachers strike to other districts as well.

For more official news on strike and its news ..visit Deccan herald’s article.


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