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Free web Bibliography : Easybib

What is the difficult and tedious process in writing school or professional papers ? Bibliography and generating the citations for all the referred sources in the paper.A bibliography is a list of the sources you have used and cited when writing your paper.Even a great written paper is nothing without a annotated bibliography.Sure writing an annotated bibliography for research paper requires great experience and professional advice.

PC Magazine selected EasyBib as site of the week in August’2007, EasyBib is a website dedicated to helping writers create bibliographies. Students provide the site with information about sources, and with a couple of clicks, the site automatically creates a bibliography in the correct format and it quickly turns out accurate citation lists.It takes the info and puts it into MLA format for you? A huge help for students or researchers.Moreover Easy Bibliography is free and most used advanced bibliography maker on the Web.It cuts down bibliography creation time from one half to two thirds.All in all, Easy Bib is very useful, you can format any MLA bibliography, whenever you want for free.I was happy to come across Easybib Pro an internet based tool that will format my references, export them as a word document, and has a handy wizard to help with in text citation.

Other Free Bibliography products and info:

Bibliography info

BibMe is another web 2.0 style cool free bibliography generator, offering citations in MLA, APA, and Chicago styles.

Bibdesk: A free bibliography management application.

BibBuilder 1.3 (Free MLA-Style Bibliography Builder)


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