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Krumping (or Crump Dancing)


Krumping is a relatively new form of dance within the “urban” and street dance movements, and is characterized by free, expressive and highly energetic moves. This dance was featured in Bring It On: All or Nothing, which has started a revival of the dance within the Caucasian community.Krumping should not be confused with hip hop, though it uses the music and springs from the same mold,kicks the hip-hop tradition of dance battles up a notch. This dance is, after all, all about self-expression‚Ķ and chest popping and arm swinging and bouncing off walls and over fences. This dance is developed out of South Central Los Angeles’ clown dancing movement. Krumping grew out of contests, and during the last two years it has become a dance of its own. Also the dance is where you have an ability to move in a quick way with letting your arms free and letting your body go.Throughout the cities of Southern California there are dance gatherings called “buck sessions”.

Krumping is often confused with Clowning, but while the two are related by form and origin (and vaguely by style), differences are visible.

Krumping has had an impact on pop culture and has been seen in music videos, movies and television shows.

Krumping dance Videos

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