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Lessons learned from Dodge La Femme car, a car built for women

Dodge La Femme car is best known for its attempt at sucking in women car buyers back in the early 1950’s.In order to gain a full understanding of what the Dodge La Femme was all about, it’s probably best that we look at World War II as the catalyst that brought about this fine looking automobile. It was introduced as a two-door hardtop with select colors and trim that included matching rain cape, umbrella and rain boots, and shoulder bag, stored in pockets behind the front seats. Approximately 2,500 Dodge La Femmes were produced during the 1955 and 1956 model years.With 20 million American women then licensed to drive, Chrysler rolled out the Dodge La Femme and hails it as the first and only car designed for “your majesty, the modern American woman.The end result, it failed miserably.Today, almost half a century later, the Dodge La Femme lives on as a vintage car–a collector’s item that offers both sentimental value and the intriguing appeal of a somewhat tainted past. To marketers, however, the Dodge La Femme is highly valuable for a very different reason: it’s a shining example of what companies shouldn’t do when trying to create and market products that they hope will appeal to women.Ever since the infamous Dodge La Femme of the 1950s, auto engineers have been trying to create car models that specifically appeal to women drivers.

May be pink Hummer was made on the same line to appeal women, After the pink Hummer was featured at the Limousine & Chauffeur Show in late 2006, it stole the hearts of the limousine operators around the country to purchase this American, beautiful looking limousine on the road and make it available for hire to the public. The pink Hummer is the perfect limo for hen parties, school proms, children’s parties and even weddings.

In my opinion guy’s won’t be offended to be seen in a Beetle and they generally are more neutral in color, not pink.May be I’m wrong?


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Posted By: Kalyan | Date: November 2, 2007 | Categories: OtherNews

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