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Million Dollar Bill deposit — As stupid as it gets

As stupid as it gets. A man tried to open a bank account with fake $1 million bill in Clearwater, South Carolina.Of course bank was not interested in the deposit and made a call to sheriff’s office to tackle the matter. He is such a dumbo and got caught. On average, it seems $100,000 in fake currency is detected every week in the Los Angeles area.Well we all know that the easiest fake currency we can see is American dollar, and it is because American currency is thought to be worth to own because its used world wide.

One of the simplest ways of undermining an economy is to introduce a huge amount of fake currency. In the developing countries like India it is believed that some of the billions of rupees of fake currency circulating in India is brought into the country via the bus and train service between Pakistan and India.The Reserve Bank of India’s(RBI) fake currency unit, along with a finance ministry committee, has concluded that only the new plastic notes can solve the fake currency problem that has acquired unmanageable proportions.RBI said that plastic currency notes are one of the measures that are being considered to tackle the counterfeit currency menace.

To sum up when you get suspicious or handed over look out for these currencies.Most of us know that these dollars denominations does not exist.

Wikipedia article has good reference how these fakes are cashed.Check the wiki link here.


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Posted By: Kalyan | Date: November 29, 2007 | Categories: OtherNews

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