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Olympic marathon trials tragedy of Ryan Shay

I was moved when I read the chilling account of this marathon tragedy of Ryan Shay on the Olympic marathon trials in New York city today.One of my friends in school told us the runners difficulties and stamina problems for marathons in spite of strenuous months training with diet as she participated in Chicago marathon last month and thats the race in which dozens of runners were felled by brutally unseasonable heat and humidity and one man with a heart condition died before the race was stopped with hundreds of runners still on the course.

One side of story, organizers been blamed for facilities during the race in overheated Chicago Marathon,complaints of not getting any water until mile six or Gatorade until mile 10.But one runner died. Chad Schieber, 35, of Midland, Mich., had a common heart disorder called mitral valve prolapse. It was the fifth Chicago Marathon death in 10 years.

In 1993 a 32-year-old women died during California’s Big Sur Marathon and in 1998’s Chicago Marathon a 43-year-old women died, both from complications associated with after finishing the race in a hyponatremic state.


is a condition known as “water intoxication.” It is the opposite of dehydration, and is often associated with endurance athletes. It is important to state here that for most beginner to intermediate runners, the dangers connected with hydration are a lack of water rather than too much. However, for a small minority of runners running long-distance events, hyponatremia can be an issue.

Obviously, New york olympics trails and the Chicago Marathon tragedy makes us take notice of pre marathon tests and review hydration & exercising options for the runners.


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Posted By: Kalyan | Date: November 3, 2007 | Categories: OtherNews

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