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Pharos PDR 140 GPS price drop from 350$ to 150$

Pharos PDR 140 GPS

Pharos PDR-140 All in One Portable GPS with 4 Inch color display and preloaded maps of the US.In building the Drive GPS 140, Pharos has answered every need asked by mobile professionals.GPS combines accurate, street-level GPS navigation with hands free, Bluetooth calling capability and MP3, photo viewing and video playing.Navigation solutions are powered by Pharos’ award winning “OSTIA” software, which offers an easy to use interface for rapid input of addresses and output of driving directions.

The bottom line: Though the Pharos Drive GPS 140 has an accurate receiver and good Bluetooth integration, it will require patience on your part as it suffers from somewhat sluggish performance and an unintuitive interface. The hands free Bluetooth feature for cell phones helps to keep eyes on the road when discussing business and also comes in handy for in-vehicle multi-person conversations with customers or the office.

Deals: COMP USA Big Price Drop ($349.99 to $149.99 )

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Round it off to $150 with this filler item and get FREE shipping.

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This deal ends on 11/17/07 or while supplies last.

To take advantage of rebates or special pricing with In-Store Pick-Up, your order must be picked up within the timeframe of the offer(s).

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Garmin Nuvi 350 is a portable GPS navigator, travelers guide, voice, travelguide, digitalentertainment, voice guide system, preloaded maps for North America,MP3 player and Garmin, GPS18Deluxe USB GPS sensor with nRoute™ software forturn-by-turn directions, voiceprompts.


Magellan GPS devices are also popular on eBay, including Magellan RoadMate.


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  1. nuvi350za says:

    I think Garmin Nuvi 350 is the best GPS navigation system in my opinion.

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