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Sears wishes catalog – "Don't just give a gift, grant a wish,"

With Black Friday and Holiday season fast approaching, this year’s return of the historic “Sears Wish Book” catalog has inspired Sears’ new holiday marketing campaign, which was launched on November 4.

Millions of Americans remember the Sears Wish Book catalog with excitement — and the hours they spent poring over each page, circling the gifts they wanted both to give and to receive during the holidays.During the month of December kids across America were flipping feverishly through the Sears Wish Book catalog trying to decide what to add to their Christmas list.The new, smaller Wish Book Catalog will be distributed to fewer customers, and it is available online to encourage the use of less paper.

“Sears will have a much larger online presence this holiday,”. The 188-page catalog features a selection of gift ideas from all product categories at Sears, including toys, apparel, jewelry, appliances, tools and holiday items in a contemporary design and format that are tailored to today’s lifestyles and shopping habits.

Wishing Hours will occur every Monday and Tuesday from 4 p.m to midnight online through December 18, and additional Wishing Hours will be announced throughout the season.Customers can download a Wishing Hours widget to their desktops or request to be notified via email or text message by visiting
The tagline “Don’t just give a gift, grant a wish,”

As a retailer,Sears is in a unique position because it can actually help people grant wishes for everyone on their lists — at a price they can afford,” said RichardGerstein, senior vice president and chief marketing officer, Sears.

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