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Sopcast — A free peer to peer file sharing player application

SOPCast is a peer-to-peer Windows application that tries to make video streaming more viable.

What is P2P ?

P2P or P-to-P may refer to:Peer-to-peer, a type of ad-hoc computer networkPeer-to-peer file sharing,P2P is a popular technology for file sharing software applications like Kazaa, WinMX,edonkey,gnutella,emule and Overnet.P2P software systems like Kazaa and Napster rank amongst the most popular software applications ever.

P2P file sharing software has also created much controversy over legality and “fair use. P2P file sharing systems have become the single most popular class of Internet applications in this decade.

SOPCast player

SopCast is a simple, easy to use system to watch streaming media on the Internet.SOPCast allows people to share media in the form of video streams.SOPCast offers some advanced uses including the ability to share streams around a LAN.With SopCast, you can serve 10,000 online users with a PC and a home broadband connection.All of the streams in SOPcast are all user created and moderated and shows quality content you see on TV. Mostly, people use SOPcast (and its previous joint operation with TVUplayer) to watch and broadcast sporting events.The core is the communication protocol produced by Sopcast Team, which is named Sop://, or sop technology. The intent of this service is to allow anyone to offer their video through a simple link on their website, provided the visitor has the SOPCast client installed.

If your intention is to stream your own live media, you need extra software outside of SOPcast to create the stream, all of which are free. The other positive with SopCast is that it seems to be a bit more receptive to more stream types. Unlike TVants, SopCast doesn’t show the audience size in the program.It is far more limited than TVUPlayer. Another cool feature for all you blogger types out there is that you can embed Sopcast into your blog page. Unfortunately an embedded Sopcast only seems to work in Internet Explorer, so you may have to have a blog disclaimer to get visitors on the right track.
You can register yourself on Sopcast, a prerequisite if you want to broadcast your program but if you just want to view TV, you can log in as an anonymous user.

Sopcast probably offers the widest choice of channels of all P2P TV streaming applications, and organizes them via categories like sports, news or gospel tv. Furthermore, Sopcast is the only P2P streaming TV application we encountered that allows you to configure settings like port selection (extremely useful to maximize the use of your bandwidth and get better quality playback) or select among 12 different languages.Another of Sopcast’s major innovations is broadcasting your own TV program over the Internet.If you would like to produce a TV show, Sopcast gives you the chance to reach a very wide audience of Internet users.Once your program has been filmed, edited and is uploaded on your PC, all you have to do is stream it via Sopcast and select a server address to which people can connect and watch.

You can use SopCast to watch TV, furthermore you can use it to build your own channel. Using SOPCast is a simple affair for the experienced computer user, novice users might find it easier to use TVUPlayer.

In order to install SopCast successfully, (Click me for sopcast download)

->close all SopCast related programs (including web browser visiting sopcast web site and running SopCast)
->Unpack it with Winzip or Winrar to a directory and run Setup-SopCast-version.
->After unpack it with Winzip or Winrar to a directory with the default SopCast, run install.

Note: P2P streaming software like sopcast has also created much controversy over legality and “fair use” so make sure you use your best judgment when streaming your videos or other live tv programs.


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