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Toys R Us Black Friday Deals

Here are some of the items of my interest from ToysRUs Black Friday Deals

Items of my interest

1. Zune 30GB MP3 / Video Player – Black — Orig Price 199$ BF Deal Price 79.99$
[link: Zune 30GB]
2.Nextar 512MB MP3 Player — Orig Price 29$ BF Deal Price 9.99$
[link: Nextar 512MB MP3]
3.Vtech Learning Laptop — Orig Price 29.99$ BF deal Price 19.99$
[link : Vtech Learning Laptop ]
4.Step 2 Scribble Center –Orig Price 29.99 BF deal Price 17.99$
[link: Step 2 Scribble]

and many more …

I’ve yet to scrub through the list and I guess this year I’ll be spending most of my time at ToysRUs shopping for my Toddler to stack year long toys for her.

Toys R Us Black Friday Links

Here are the links of Toys R Us Black Friday deals posted at SlickDeals.Net

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Page5 BlackFriday ToysRUs deals

Page6 BlackFriday ToysRUs deals

Page7 BlackFriday ToysRUs deals


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