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Amazon has Xbox 360 HD DVD Player for $130 — the lowest price ever

Amazon has Xbox 360 HD DVD Player $130 with free shipping and no tax.

Click me for $130 XBOX HD-DVD Deal

First time I heard and showed inclination to buy HD DVD player is when Wlamart had secret black friday like sale a month ago by marking down the price of Toshiba HD DVD players for around 200$.But now the most affordable high-definition player available, the Xbox 360 HD DVD Player is the best solution for movie lovers seeking HD content in the highest possible resolution, this promotion ($129) makes the Xbox 360 HD DVD Player one of the most compelling offerings for consumers looking to make the leap into HD this holiday season.

Microsoft claims the Xbox 360 HD DVD player is now the cheapest high definition player available, following the recent price reductions.

Xbox 360 HD DVD Player benefits [From Microsoft]
•Stunning video and immersive surround-sound audio with up to six times better resolution than a standard DVD
•Innovative interactive content that enables PIP commentary, scene selection, and menu access when you watch movies
•Only HD DVD offers the ‘combo’ disc that lets you play the DVD on your existing DVD players in your home or in your car
•Enjoy hundreds of great HD DVD movies from major studios such as Universal, Warner, Paramount, Studio Canal, and more

PS3 comes equipped with the HDMI output option, the Xbox 360 HD DVD player allows only for either component or VGA output via the Xbox 360 itself.The bottom line: The Xbox 360 HD DVD player is an inexpensive way for 360 owners to get high-def movies, but nonowners and audiophiles should stick with standalone HD players.

Toshiba HD DVD Players vs XBOX HD DVD

Previously exclusive to Toshiba HD DVD Players, with the purchase of an Xbox 360 HD DVD Player at the new low price of $179, choose five HD DVD titles free from a selection of 15 popular titles through a mail-in offer. Comparing the Xbox 360 add-on to the Toshiba unit showed that the Xbox 360 unit was capable of some very good visuals, even considering it is using only component cables versus the HDMI hookup of the Toshiba. The Toshiba is essentially a Pentium 4 computer, where the Xbox 360 runs on a PowerPC core.

Here are some of the refernces:

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