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Australia vs India past "batting" memorable encounters : Cricket Nostalgia

If India need to have any chances to get close to victories for the upcoming Australia vs India series, India needs at least two or three brave knocks off the bat.

Here are few noteworthy twenty20, ODI and test knocks from the past India vs Australia series:

Twenty20 semifinals – Yuvi’s brilliant knock

Twenty20 memorable knock by Yuvraj Singh 70 runs off 30 balls in India v Australia Twenty20 T20 semifinals and we know the rest of the story, India beat Pakistan in finals and are crowned Twenty20 champions.

What a day (another day) for Yuvraj Singh , he smashed all of Aussies bowlers over the ground and made them helpless spectators of the game.

Yuvraj — > 1) Faced 7 balls off B Lee made 12 runs with 1 six. 2) Faced 9 balls off Clark made 27 runs with 2 sixers and 2 fours. 3) Faced 8 balls off A. Symonds made 18 runs with 2 sixers and 2 fours.

See the brilliancy in motion :

Coca-Cola cup finals 1998 – Sachin’s cricket show mastery

Who can forget this knock ? 134 runs off 131 ball with three sixers and twelve fours.

Third Test 2003 Melbourne – viru’s resistance knock

Viru if he is in form we know he can be so destructive that he alone can stop the mighty Aussies, this is what happened in the 3rd test match when all the batsman failed he singlehandedly saved the day for India.

Sehwag made 195 runs off 233 balls with 25 fours and 5 sixers

To sum up at least three batting knocks are required from Team India to have hope for the upcoming series.

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Posted By: Kalyan | Date: December 20, 2007 | Categories: Cricket

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