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Belkin fm transmitter – tunecast info, reviews and other alternatives

Belkin fm transmitter

Belkin fm transmitter
Technical Details
* Turns your FM stereo into an MP3 broadcaster

* Program up to four station presets; automatically turns on and off

* |Operating range of up to 30 feet; transmits on FM channels 88.1MHz-107.9Mz

* Includes DC cable for battery-free operation (with optional Belkin Mobile Power Cord)

* Compatibility: iPod nano (1G and 2G), iPod mini, 4G iPod with click wheel, iPod Color, iPod Video, iPod shuffle (1G and 2G

This one got some poor Amazon reviews two starts out of 96 reviews.Check out Amazon reviews here

The BIG problem with FM transmitters – unless you live in the area where these frequencies are not consumed ( got to go too rural) otherwise to get rid of the static you will hear you need to spend all your time switching FM channels. Annoying .. I personally cannot do this on a regular basis of switching channels.


Do you know why FM transmitters are made ? Specially for cars with no cassette players. If you have cassette player in your car then you are at big luck. Buy a cassette adapter from Radio Shack or eBay for less than $10 and use that to output MP3 player audio to the stereo.

If your car only has a CD changer? Sure you can get an FM modulator, but they don’t work so great and are notorious for poor sound quality. Leverage the CD player in the car to add a CD-quality auxiliary input for MP3 player.

Other FM transmitter with good reviews from has Belkin FM transmitter for $9.99 and if you are a geek then you can put these cheaps to better use following these articles …

This modification improves the transmission range and remove the ‘feature’ of auto-power down when no audio signal is present. It certainly sets you up as resident pirate radio DJ of your block and allows you to jam the loud radio listener on a bus or train!

Convert a car cigarette lighter cell phone charger into a method of powering transmitter.


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