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Chicago weather first snow and Illinois road conditions.

The first snow of the season has coated Chicago suburbs with a thin veneer of white over the dried grass.Very low visibility at times in the afternoon and light snow is witnessed.Thanks to Snow forecasts they are better year over year than they used to be and they continue to improve, but I believe snow forecasting remains one of the more difficult challenges for meteorologists.It is always fun to drive in the first snow with all vehicles on the road driving cautiously.One thing I hate most in snow is people not using headlights in the snow.Headlight usage is required during any driving conditions in which fog, smoke, rain or other unfavorable atmospheric conditions are present.

Watch this youtube snow video looks like taken this year in January:

Do you know that snow is formed from the water vapor in the air at a temperature of less than 32 degrees Fahrenheit.For making better snowballs use snow that is more densely packed (and where some of the snowflakes have been crushed and formed small amounts of ice).Snow crystals reflect the full spectrum of light,which we see as white. Skiing is another fun activity that i’m waiting to take my todler this year but have to wait little longer for powder snow (The type of snow that skiers like best is called Powdersnow as it is usually dry or slightly moist.Another snow fact, Glaciers are formed from the compression of snow over many years.Intersting “fun fact” is that it takes more energy to eat snow than it is worth.

Snow storms not only make driving conditions dangerous, but can present a danger to you and your family as well. Drifting snow can partially block chimneys, flues and vents – including the air intake/exhaust system of furnaces and hot water heaters.


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