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Hasbro Pictureka – the game of finders keepers and are Pictureka champs

Hasbro Pictureka Hasbro Pictureka — Looking for a game to kill time this holidays then why not try Pictureka ?
Product Features

It’s an outrageous, contagious picture hunt in this exciting game of visual hide and seek
Inside you’ll find 100 different mission cards in 3 categories
In this game, it’s finders keepers: you get the card if you find the object(s) fast—and first
Collect enough cards to win, and you’re the Pictureka champ
Includes 9 two-sided gameboard tiles, 108 cards, dice, timer and instructions
For 2 or More People
A family game and is additive to play like cards. Six to Nine players from age 7 and up can get easily engaged in this agme.C ompetitive in nature that even spectators as it relies on observations.


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Posted By: Kalyan | Date: December 17, 2007 | Categories: Deals

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