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Philips AJL308 Digital Photo Frame Clock Radio for $50

Philips AJL308 Digital Frame Clock Radio

Philips AJL308 Digital Frame Clock Radio for $50

What’s the deal?

1. Clock + Radio + Digital Photo Frame in one unit

2. Priced at $50 which is 50% off as this usually goes for 99$

Reviews ??

Good: A clock with two independent alarms that also plays audio files (.mp3 and .wma), video (mpeg4 and divx codices) and photo slide shows (.jpg only). It has built-in “relaxation” sounds to help you fall asleep.

A firmware needs to be updated — As one reviewer puts this update as “Philips posted a firmware update on their Web site on September 14, 2007, that fixes this issue. Visit the Philips Web site, type in “AJL308” to find the product page, select the Support link tab (just above and to the right of the product image), and scroll down to the Software section. There is a PDF read-me file and a ZIP file with the actual firmware update. Read the PDF and carefully follow its directions to update the firmware. You’ll need a USB drive to transfer the firmware update to your AJL308, and it takes several minutes to complete the update, but once it’s done the day of the week should be correct. “

Displays JPEG-format images only. For a widescreen 7″ LCD picture frame, the resolution is only 480 x 234.In clock mode you can see only one deaflut picture meaning no slideshow.


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Posted By: Kalyan | Date: December 14, 2007 | Categories: Deals

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