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UNICEF photo of the year 2007 released

Pictures of children in poverty and they are quite depressing and with full of messages taken from all over the world. Check the UNICEF website and they have links for each year starting from year 2000. Each year has around three best photos of the year and some honorable photo mentions with a (poverty or suffering) message.

UNICEF photo of the year 2007 :

Photo Courtesy : UNICEF website

Child brides
He’s forty, she’s eleven. And they are a couple – the Afghan man Mohammed F.* and the child Ghulam H.*. “We needed the money”, Ghulam’s parents said.

UNICEF photo of the year 2006:

Photo Courtesy : UNICEF website

The five year old Rahila is all smiles. She is a patient of the Red Cross Hospital in the northern Pakistani city of Muzaffarabad. An extension bandage covers her legs because she broke her lower leg and thigh during the devastating earthquake of 10/8/2005. But nevertheless she is all smiles, as if she was perfectly fine.

UNICEF photo of the year 2005

Street children in Odessa

13 year old Yana finds her way from Moldova to the Ukraine. Her father, an alcoholic, died early; her mother was sent to jail when Yana was eight years old. Since, she has been living on the street, recently in Odessa. By injecting drugs, she gets infected with the HI-Virus. During Christmas 2004, she feels very sick, crawls into a hole and dies in the winter cold.


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