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'Walter "Buck" Swords' left Waitress 'Melina Salazar' $50,000 and a 2000 Buick" — Do films have any positive influence in real life?

After reading this news – “A foul mouthed customer ‘Walter “Buck” Swords’ left Waitress ‘Melina Salazar’ $50,000 and a 2000 Buick” , I felt probably this cranky Texan must have watched the movie “Waitress” released this year where the lead actress in the movie Jenna at the end opens up her card from Old Joe, and finds 1) Drawing of her 2) Note ‘look for a fresh start’ and 3) a check for a large sum of money. In the movie we finally realize that Old Joe has gone into a coma and has left the Diner to Jenna.

The real life story follows that 89-year-old Walter “Buck” Swords obviously appreciated it,leaving the waitress $50,000 and a 2000 Buick when he died.

Probably Walter got inspired by Waitress movie – who knows ? But We talk all the time how movies have bad influence either stars smoking style is imitated by teens or the horrific killings we hear on regular basis in media is some how linked to movies.

Here is the 10 plus actual real life incidents that took place because of BAD movie influence.

Also I feel it depends on the context like when you watch a romantic movie it may influence ones own romanticism. Similarly when you watch a suspense, thriller or horror movie the movie may influence a level of paranoia ,ones ability to sleep in the night? OR Dreams? OR Nightmares?

The key takeaway I believe from movies or shows or such news is character traits – such as courage, loyalty, justice, respect, hope, honesty and love – is character-based self improvisation. The heart of character-based improv techniques will guide us towards TV shows, movies, and books that reflect positive values.


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Posted By: Kalyan | Date: December 30, 2007 | Categories: Movies

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