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Unforgetful Experiences of Flying in Air India

I wouldn’t buy into this story that the passengers are at fault with Air India – I’m 99.9% sure that AirIndia might have provoked this incident.

According to airport sources, the incident took place around 6.15 am when the family that was to board an Air India flight reached the immigration counter with several baggage trolleys. “They had an argument with the airline officials as they had excess baggage. At the immigration counter, they were told to leave their trolleys behind. This incensed the group and one of them started referring to the immigration officials in a derogatory manner using casteist slurs,” the sources said.

I have traveled in Air India almost all the times I visited India in the last seven years from US. Each time I had some incident or the other because of Air India staff. Forget the customer service many times I felt the attitude or culture of airlines by itself is not right.Here are my infamous list

1) Ask them Aisle seat and they will make sure you get Window seat — happened once to me.
2) Excessive baggage of 0.5 pounds – Sir, NO not allowed excess baggage “REMOVE” and the face/verbals of the counter person is so disturbing that makes you so guilty that as if you are carrying AK-47 in your baggage. After I struggle adjusting them in the other suitcase in the small space before the counter another Air India person comes and says I’m using all their ticket line space and have to speed up things. The worst of worst is you will find one or two people adjusting baggages. — Happened once to me
3) You hit the request light in the airline and grumpy old lady comes after 10 or 15 minutes and first switches off the light then asks you what you want. If you tell them water they take another sweet time of their own to get it. Easiest way I found is just go to the food storage place and ask them. — Happened to me countless times
4) What’s the most stressful part of Air India journey ? Baggage claim — once the whole flight baggage was soaked and wet with water dripping from them when they reached the destination. When we complained to Air India in Hyderabad about the state of the baggages, the answer from staff is ” Don’t you know NRIs that Bombay is flooded with heavy rains?”. It was point less to argue with them and I came home and dried up my two suitcases. If you want to wash your clothes don’t do it Air India will do it free for you. — Happened to me once.

Why do I still travel with AirIndia ? Circumstances, either my parents or in-laws are coming with us so it is easy for them with the language or airport connections when they travel back without us in the return trip.


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Posted By: Kalyan | Date: January 18, 2008 | Categories: Travel

0 Responses to Unforgetful Experiences of Flying in Air India

  1. Anonymous says:

    I will never fly air india. Worst service EVER. PEOPLE NEVER FLY AIR INDIA. NEVER. Worst company on the face of the earth. They have a main telephone number that stays busy 24/7. Also, when you call baggage deparment. It goes straight to a answering machine. What kind of airline goes straight to a answering machine? A horrid company.

  2. Anonymous says:

    AIR INDIA staff at Mumbai are very rude had one guy swear at me on the phone and asked me to apologise then hang up on me what a joke, When tried calling back to find out to see who this was he put me on hold.

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